Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daughter gets 3000 retweets for father to quit smoking

Social media has acquired an important place in daily lives of people nowadays. This medium can be used for serving the humanity and helping each other for noble cause. A young girl in Saudi Arabia used the social media website “twitter” to get her parents out of their bad habit of smoking. One day when the daughter was trying to persuade her parents to quit smoking, they made a deal with her. If the status on twitter gets retweets by 3000 people they will not smoke again. The daughter posted the conversation on twitter and requested everyone to help her by re-tweeting the status.

Many people made fun of this deal and her tweet and advised her to take her parents to the doctor’s clinic and leave the twitter thing. One guy said that her parents shall not be fools enough to rely on twitter in order to save their own lives. Despite all these discourages, she kept on struggling and in the end she got three thousands retweets though it was not an easy task. One of the users advised her that it is twitter and not face book where a single click on “like” button serves the job. Finally, she got 3000 re tweets and her parents kept their words and quit smoking.

An anti-smoking society is formed in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia. In the recent success story of this society, it helped a 9 years old young boy and an 80 years old man to quit the bad habit of smoking. This society is named as Naqaa, Naqaa means purity. This society is formed to help the people in order to quit smoking.

Cigarette manufacturing companies and the sellers often lead the youngsters to heavy smoking. Mr. Saeed al Hamzani, the Chairman of Naqaa society, said that super store of the locality encouraged the bad habit of this young boy and he started heavy smoking even at the tender age of 9 years.

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