Saturday, August 15, 2015

Driver Arrested for Transporting his Son in Car Trunk

Anyone who has driven or ever been in a car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is bound to have had some sort of weird experience on the road. Whether it is a classic case of road rage or it may be something you can’t even imagine in your wildest dream, however such things come true on the roads of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Well no matter how strange a thing you may have seen on the roads of the Kingdom, what you are about to read next will shock you beyond your imagination. A report was recently published about how the Traffic Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have arrested one driver for transporting something illegally.

Now you must have thought it was either drugs, money or other things which people might smuggle around illegally but no, the man had been arrested by the traffic authorities because he had been transporting a child, not only any child, his own son in the trunk of his car.The entire ordeal was recorded by a driver who was right behind the car with the child in the trunk. Footage recorded by the driver shows two tiny legs of the boy dangling dangerously out of the trunk of the car which was ahead of the recorder. What is even more astonishing is that both these drivers were on one of the major highways in the capital city of Riyadh, where speeds are usually kept higher than usual.

Naturally when something like this is posted or shared on the internet it goes viral, and so did this, which prompted the relevant traffic authorities to spring into action and launch an official investigation. The authorities were quickly able to identify the careless father and arrested him. The story has been broken by the Al Marsad news site.The police are stating that the man will be referred to the traffic authorities for his traffic violations in which he will also face negligence charges and also putting another person’s life at risk.

Several users of various social media platforms on which the video had been shared campaigned on social media for strict action against the driver, while users accused him of being careless towards his own son and to the other people on the highway, while some called him irresponsible. Social media users also commented that a hefty fine should be imposed upon all such drivers who do not adhere to traffic codes.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had one of the worst traffic records in the region. It is estimated that a traffic accident happens every second in the Kingdom and around 17 people are killed in car crashes and accidents every day.

In accordance with the report by the Health Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, around 598,300 accidents occurred in the Kingdom only in the year 2012 alone. This would mean an average of 1614 accidents a day and nearly 67 accidents every hour.We should be careful on the roads with our vehicles as driving is a luxury which we rarely appreciate.

Source: Gulf News

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