Saturday, August 1, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel Launches Women only Pearl Floor

In a unique and much appreciated gesture, the Four Seasons Luxury hotel which is located in Riyadh, the center of the Kingdom has elevated their commitment towards providing the very best of service to their valued customers. The Four Seasons Hotel has done this by introducing their top most floor, the 50th floor, as a women’s only sanctuary with a breathtaking view of the streets of Riyadh.The hotel launched this exclusive ladies only floor to cater to the female travelers who often travel alone on business. The floor was launched by Princess Reema bint Talal in a ceremony. The hotel aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment to the female residents.

The General Manager of the Four Seasons luxury hotel in Riyadh, Greg Pirkle spoke to the media and stated that from the moment that women set feet into the hotel, it is the hotel’s goal to make them feel special and cater to their every need. They aim to ensure that each and every female customer is taken well care of with the utmost dedication all the way down to the minutest of details which could be requested by the customers.

The Pearl floor women’s only lobby embodies class, elegance and grandeur mixed with a modern appeal and the details of the room have been expressed in the utmost excellence. The thought process behind the creation of this floor was sophistication which it has replicated perfectly. Each and every room has been created to give a warm ambience and have been furnished and fitted with the very best of everything from the linens to the upholstery.

The ladies only Pearl Floor, as it is called, is fitted with 20 of the Four Seasons Hotel premium rooms along with two of the Four Seasons Executive Suites. The lobby has a special express check in reception counter for the Pearl Floor which women can use without having to wait at the front desk. The entire Pearl Floor staff, including the check in counter staff, comprises of highly trained women who are extremely reliable and trustful which allows them to make a personal connection with the female residents.

The Pearl Floor also includes a lounge, which is obviously only for women, which has been created with a touch of modern design which offers complementary refreshments to the women. There is also a ladies gym which has been fully equipped with state of the art machinery, and both these facilities are open round the clock. The lounge is again graced with the beautiful view of Riyadh along with free Wi-Fi.

Each and every room on the grand Pearl Floor caters to each and every comfort which might be requested by the female resident and comes fully equipped with the daily amenities required by women such as face; hair and body care products, women’s magazines, an abaya as well as a personalized welcome kit.These women only floors have become a major trend since big cities like New York, London, Toronto and Berlin introduced them in 2010.
Source: Arab News

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