Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ghost Saudi Employees result in Fake Saudization

There have been a lot of cases going on in Saudi Arabia lately which are mostly scams and fraud cases related to companies and other organizations performing fake saudization. Now, fake saudization is where several companies have entered a specific person’s name and details in their company without the person having any knowledge about it. Faking saudization has become a very common norm in Saudi Arabia and organizations carry on using the ID cards of several male and female citizens without them having even a slightest idea about it. Not only this, they even use IDs of disabled or handicapped people which is terrible beyond words. It is important to mention here that handicapped people get 4 times more points to comply with Saudization.

The major drawback of this scam is that the ministry of Saudi Arabia does not regard this as a crime but rather, it is regarded as a violation. It is sad how the ministry takes no action for this because using someone’s name and details without them having an idea about is purely a crime. Not only that, by using someone else’s name and details, they are being underprivileged of facilities such as Hafiz benefit program, social aid and etc. Also, the ministry has one policy which personally in my opinion is absolutely wrong. If a victim of this fake Saudization goes and reports a case to the GOSI stating that his or her name is being used in a specific company although they are not working there, a penalty will be enforced on the victim.

Yes, the victim! This is not fair to the victims because by this policy you are simply discouraging the citizens to contact the ministry for any help. Expecting the victims to visit the organizations and negotiate on a suitable package and get something compensated is wrong. It is definitely not the victim’s fault.

A program called the Nitaqat Program was started and it has achieved a fair amount of success so far. Although there have been so many cases of fake saudization but overall Nitaqat has improved Saudization significantly.

In order to improve employment in this country and the only solution to eliminate fake saudization is to provide victims with the right to sue such companies that use their names without them knowing about it. Not only that, they should also be paid salaries for that specific time their name was being used for. The ministry should consider changing their policy regarding this matter to help victims get out of this problem and penalize such companies which tend to perform fake saudization.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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