Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hidden Cameras in Saudi Wedding Halls

Marriage is an auspicious and joyous occasion which is celebrated in a variety of ways all around the world. These celebrations have a few things in common in most of the places on earth; they include lavish dressing by the bride, groom and all other attendees of the wedding. Along with lavish dressing, lavish spreads of food are also put out for all the guests of the wedding and the occasion is usually a memorable one. In some of the more conservative countries in the world, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, marriages are arranged in a segregated manner, where women and men do not mingle amongst each other, but instead the hall is usually divided into two halves, one for the men, and the other for the women.

Naturally when the marriage is segregated, the concept is that the females are not to be looked at or mingled with, and same goes for the males. The staff at a wedding hall, located in the Kingdom was in for a bit of a surprise when they detected something in the women’s part of the hall, which shouldn’t have been there. Female workers at one of the wedding halls in Saudi Arabia, while on their routine inspection of the hall discovered many tiny cameras which had been put there allegedly by some unknown men. The intention behind this act was to film the women during wedding ceremonies.

The religious police of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have stated that all of the cameras which had been discovered at the hall had been dismantled and taken into custody. They also added that the employee of the company which was in charge of managing the hall will be questioned about the incident. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice also stated that they would be setting up a committee to formally investigate and pursue this case. They also added that they would be shutting down the hall and would also place a temporary ban upon the expatriate employees working at the hall and the company managing the hall, from travelling abroad anywhere around the world.

In accordance to the report by the Al Saudi newspaper, it was stated that the marriage hall in question here, is located in the western Red Sea port of Yanbu, however nothing was stated on the question which arises in everybody’s minds, for how long had these cameras been operating in the marriage hall. Such an act is an utter disgrace and a violation of the rules and laws of Islam as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Men should respect the privacy of women, and respect the fact that we are in no way allowed to record their videos while they unsuspectingly are attending a wedding ceremony or function. We hope that the perpetrators are caught as soon as possible and justice be done to those unsuspecting women who have been victimized by these tech savvy delinquents.
Source: Emirates 247

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