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How Pakistanis Celebrate Independence Day (14th August) in Saudi Arabia?

Pakistan got its independence on the 14th of August hence it is celebrated with delight and happiness in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistanis residing all over the world. Celebrations in Jeddah are done especially in Al-Azizya and Al Rehab which are districts in Jeddah and have a wide Pakistani population. Hara and Manfuah in Riyadh are also filled with such patriotic Pakistani people who celebrate the Independence Day by wearing green clothes, green accessories and waving around Pakistan flags.

There are different kinds of events and functions held in halls, community centers, embassy and Pakistani consulate to celebrate the independence that was earned by the nation in 1947. Pakistanis have been residing in Saudi Arabia for very long and have been doing jobs such as doctors, engineers, businessmen, shopkeepers and many more. Not only that, several Pakistanis have been born and raised in this country hence they consider Saudi Arabia as their second home. Some of them spend a lot of alone time here though because they are always busy working and mostly away from their family back home. Stated by a Pakistani once, Saudi Arabia is like a small world because you get to explore so much here thanks to the countless different nationalities residing here like Egyptians, Americans and even Italians. Just to thank our Pakistani readers, we have gathered a few fun points and facts about Pakistanis residing in Saudi Arabia so read along!

Difference between Indians and Pakistanis
Mostly people in Saudi Arabia think of Pakistanis as Indians, haha! It takes a while to explain to them how Pakistan and India are totally different and nope, bollywood movies are not made in Pakistan! Also, Pakistani’s do not do ‘Namaste’ to greet and say hello to people. Not only because it is a norm of the Indian culture but also because it is not allowed in our religion. Secondly, when Pakistanis go back home and splurge out their wallets while shopping; it is so hard for them to remember saying Rupees instead of Riyals! This is when the beggars on streets ask them for riyals and not rupees, haha!!

A shopper in Pakistan is called ‘thela’ and not kees hence if you say kees by mistake; the shopkeeper automatically knows you belong from some Arab country. It is hilarious how relatives back in Pakistan think that Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia would be fluent in Arabic and If one isn’t, get ready to hear remarks like ‘What is the use of living in Saudi when you do not even know Arabic?’.

It is also kind of sad how the Pakistani labor working in Saudi Arabia do not get to visit home so often therefore they don’t even remember their children’s faces most of the times. Skype and WhatsApp are very popular here now as Pakistani families have to give each and every detail to their loved ones back home. Also, any Pakistani born in Saudi will never be a Saudi national so it is annoying yet funny to answer the never ending questions of the relatives back home regarding the newborn’s nationality.

However, except all of this, Pakistanis are loving, helpful, kind and charming people who will always be there to help you and earn tirelessly in a Halal method just to keep their loved ones back home happy!
Source: Saudi Gazette

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