Friday, August 28, 2015

Impure (Mixed) Petrol on Petrol Pumps is detected in Saudi Arabia

Very surprising news has come into highlights in a country like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where adulteration of any kind is highly punishable by law. This news is related to petroleum adulteration. The word adulteration mean impure mixing of a substance of same physical appearance so that the mixing cannot be detected, but renders the original product less than hundred percent pure. Adulteration is morally and legally incorrect act unless specified by the law or any governing authority.

In the province of Jazan, which is the southern province of Saudi Arabia, a gas station was closed down after suspecting that the workers of the filling station were mixing water with petrol. This caused damage to the engines of many cars and caused breakdown along the highways. The report was made by a Saudi citizen who found the difference in color of the petrol of the concerned pumping station different than the petrol of 95 percent premium petrol.  A sample of the petrol has been sent to the government laboratory Saudi Aramco for chemical analysis. If the adulteration is found positive the gas station will be shut down and the workers and the owners will be punishable according to the law. Salwa shopping mall management, which runs the fueling station, has temporarily shut down the gas station until the reports of the analysis are released.

The scam, if gets confirmed should be punished severely otherwise it might tempt other fueling station owners. This illegal act may have resulted in major consequences; the cars filled with the adulterated fuel might have stopped in the middle of the highway causing major accidents which might also have resulted in serious fatalities. Other than that, the adulterated petrol could have damaged the engine of the cars leading to the monetary damage for the car owners. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where the laws are based according to the sharia’h. If we examine this act according to the Muslim sharia’h then we will find out that adulteration of any kind unless and until specified and approved by a scholar or any governing body is highly inappropriate act and the person proven of the offence is a criminal in judicial as well as Allah’s court of law.  After the analysis the police will need to find to find out whether the workers of the fueling station were doing the sham on their own or the owner of the pumping station was involved as well.  

Effects of Impure (Mixed) Petrol on your Vehicle
  1. Kerosene mixed with petrol on the other hand, results in higher emissions because they do not form a uniform mixture, leading to incomplete combustion and even more particulate products.
  2. The adulterated fuel effects the oxygen sensors of engine management system which is responsible for the car to run smoothly, conversely the adulterated fuel caused the car to run badly and cause damage to the engine parts which are calibrated to run with a specified number of hydrocarbons in the petrol.
  3. Another adverse effect of the adulterated fuel is knocking. Knocking is an abnormal combustion phenomenon in spark ignition engines and when knock is severe and persistent; it may cause damage to engine components.
Source: Arab News

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