Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Indian Girl steals 20Kg Gold of Mother and runs away with Boyfriend

Scams have become a very usual activity, happening mostly all the time, all over the world. You must have heard of scammers of different kinds. There are small scale designers who copy designs from high end designers and publish them as their own. This is probably a low level scam. Then there are frauds done in the banking or corporate world where employees scam their employers or sometimes vice versa, this is probably a higher level of scam. However, it is extremely shocking to see scams ad frauds taking place inside a family. Yes! It is surprising for most people to do or even think of doing a fraud with their own family member, but for some, it is completely normal. Such is the story of a young girl in Sharjah who did a major scam with her own mother.

This young girl, aged about 20, was caught by the authorities as she scammed and stole her mother’s jewelry and decided to elope with her boyfriend. Now that is just insane! This terrible event happened one day near the Sharjah airport where both the mother and daughter were travelling in a taxi. The mother got off the taxi to go inside the building and sign and file a couple of documents for taking her 20 kg gold jewelry, back home to India. This gold jewelry was lying in the car along with the daughter. To the mother’s surprise, her daughter took her jewelry and ran away. At first, the mother did obviously not think of the daughter stealing her jewelry but of her daughter being kidnapped. That is what most mothers would usually think in this case.

Upon inquiring from the Sharjah Police, it was found out that the daughter eloped with her boyfriend and did a major scam against her mother. Without any due questions or answers, the 20 year old girl along with her boyfriend was immediately arrested. The young girl was taken under police charge by the Sharjah Police in one of the airports in UAE. Not only the girl but the boyfriend too was held under custody by the police. After investigation, it was found out that the girl and her boyfriend planned to steal all this jewelry, move to another country and start a fresh new life.

This is why young adults are said to be less sensible and immature. How did they possibly think of getting away with 20 kg gold jewelry in hand, that too illegally and having done absolutely zero paperwork? Even if they managed to pass the airport of their own country, the airport authorities of the country they were planning to go to, would have caught them. More than just stealing the jewelry, it is a shame to see what extents can be crossed by young adults these days. Stealing their mother’s jewelry and then eloping. I am as shocked as you are readers!

Source: Qatar Living

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