Friday, August 7, 2015

Is there any chance of Gay Marriages in Saudi Arabia?

Recently US supreme court has recognized the rights of gays to get married and enjoy social privileges same like married couple. This approval has created a wave of discontent among followers of all religions. Not only Muslims, but true followers of Christianity has also criticized this fact and rejected it completely. In this scenario, UN secretaries and gay people residing in Kingdom were expecting that they would also be granted same rights. It has made clear to natives of KSA in an official announcement that it would not be tolerated to exploit humanitarian rights as prescribed by Islam. God has created man and woman as a couple and they should be treated as compliment of each other. In case anyone tries to adopt an unnatural and immoral way to become a couple on homosexual bases, he/she will be punished for it.

Various debates on Twitter kept on going regarding grant of homosexual or gay rights to people residing in KSA especially for expats. One of the blogger stated that it is duly rejected by all religions to adopt such unnatural and destructive trends of coupling which can destroy the peace of humanity. Many others argued that people in Kingdom should also be treated according to rules and regulations of UN. In this case, the interior ministry of KSA has made it clear that, KSA being the first country that recognized and accepted the policies and rules of UN, will not tolerate any non-Islamic laws. It is stated that Kingdom welcomes all humanitarian rights proposed by UN which are in line with Islamic principles.

Fasial Bin Hasan Trad who is a permanent representative of KSA in UN human rights council made it clear during meeting in Geneva that Saudi Arabia being biggest supporter of all human rights would never give space to any law which is not in line with Islamic laws and jurisprudence. The representative said that those who are trying to introduce such destructive law in kingdom have double standard towards their respect in sovereignty of Kingdom.

Despite of approval of US Supreme Court, it is not still permissible in various states of Europe and is totally prohibited in Islamic states to avail gay rights. Whatever view people have regarding it, still it is a non-Islamic act and even rejected by all other religions as well. It can bring no prosperity for human beings.

Source: Arab News

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