Thursday, August 20, 2015

It’s Raining Fish and Fish in China

You must have heard of a metaphor ‘It is raining cats and dogs!’ No, this definitely not means there was an actual rain of cats and dogs. It is just an expression to show how heavy the rain is. Similarly, back in April 2015, a news spread which stated a fish rain took place in Thailand. Now, this might be pretty surprising for you because it definitely was, for the rest of the world! A fish rain is technically just not possible. However, this news was spread all over the world and came as a shock to the entire human race.  Pictures were also posted all over the internet to prove that this was a fish rain and countless catfish were found on the streets.

Since media was pretty much involved in revolving this absurd news all over the world, they tried to give technical and logical explanations for the so called fish rain. The explanation given was that apparently the fish from the river and the Indian and Pacific Ocean were picked by strong monsoon winds whereas another explanation given said that some sort of disaster was just around the corner, because a fish rain is not possible in any case.  To break the ice, this was basically not a fish rain but a truck of rain that had an accident on the road which led to multiple catfish falling from the truck and lying on the street. The fish rain story was shocking but believable by a large number of people because authentic sources like the two very famous websites, SA Breaking News and Spy Ghana shared this story.

These websites declared that they only state news which is authentic and not fabricated. This is probably why so much perplexity was caused amongst people because they did not know whether to believe the websites or to think that such a rain is not likely to happen.  This news of the fish rain spread in April 2015 whereas the pictures of the truck event were published a month before, that is in March 2015, by The People’s Daily. An in depth story was also posted along with the pictures about how this terrible incident took place in the Guizhou Province of the People’s Republic of China where a fish truck had 13,600 pounds of catfish loaded in it and mistakenly the back door of the truck door opened which automatically led to so many fish being spread around the road on the freeway.

So yes, images were posted along with the rain fish news and yes, they were real but they had no connection to a fish rain whatsoever. That is probably why one should never ever believe in the horrific stories spread globally. Being a human, it is our responsibility to dig in to the real news and find out what the actual event is and spread the right thing. Spreading fabricated news just causes panic and stress between people and nothing else. So it’s always better to spread logical news and not something is hardly possible to happen!

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