Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mango Festival to be held in Riyadh on 14th August

The Mango and Food Festival, is a unique yet exciting event that is awaited by not only Pakistanis but so many other people in Saudi Arabia. This event is being organized by the Embassy of Pakistan which will take place for three days in the Riyadh Palace Hotel, which is a five star hotel! This event will start from 14th August and the purpose behind this is to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day along with their habit of loving food and especially mangoes!

People are pretty hyped about this fun event as it will induct on the Independence Day and this is where taste buds will join hands with culture and environment. This event will not only have Pakistani but Afghani and Chinese cuisines as well and the food section will be handled by none other than Mr. Mohammed Farouq, who is a famous and skilled chef from Pakistan. Lots of different varieties of mangoes will be available as well for all the mango obsessed people! The fact that representatives of Pakistan in this country are always trying to show case their country and do something good for it, this is an excellent approach which is why this event is a hit every year! For all the food lovers out there, there will be delicious Pakistani Biryani and Sajji stalls along with desserts that include mangoes such as mango pavilion, kulfi, jalebi and etc.

Now coming to the activities, the first day will be more about activities related to Pakistan whereas the other two days, it will be more about normal activities that include winning draws and music. The draws can lead you to winning iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, LCD TVs, Microwave ovens, Return tickets to Pakistan by the Pakistan International Airlines and so many other exciting prizes! The event can be attended by absolutely anyone but there is no pre-booking available.

Tickets will be sold on the basis of first come first serve on all the three days. The price of the entry adult ticket is SR 150 and kids below 12 can come as guests. A discount is available for members of RQ Productions, Events and Wedding Planners team.  The third day of this event will mostly be for ambassadors and representatives from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia however the team behind this event still expects to sell 200 tickets on the third day to the general public.

The timing for this event consists of two slots. The first slot is for lunch which is from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The second slot is the dinner slot which is from 7:30 to 11:30 so the public can purchase tickets accordingly. For any further contact or help, Mr. Raheel Qureshi can easily be contacted.  This is a family event and it will hopefully turn out to be a bigger success than it has ever proven to be, in the past years. People who live in Riyadh and have never stepped foot in Pakistan should definitely visit this event to get to know more about this country and in short, have a great time with their friends and family! 

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