Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photography at Jeddah Airport leads to Deportation

Muhammad Bhai: Steve I have a question, I was born in Saudi Arabia. I went to pick up my friend from Jeddah International Airport his flight was delayed. I was feeling bored and started to film the airport. Then national guards caught me and handed me over to police for filming airport. I was interrogated by a major in airport police station. He kept me in jail for 10 days then he launched a court case against me. The case was processed by several courts for about 6 months. At the end, the court in Makkah named (Emara Makkah) ordered to kick me out of Saudi Arabia they imposed 3 years travel ban and deport me (Beaad or biyad).

They took my finger prints in Bariman jail and also took photographs of me. But I wasn’t deported. Instead the same major who interrogated me told me to go back home and come back after 2 weeks with my stuff and an airline ticket. He then with my stuff and airline ticket sent me to the terminal of deportees in Jeddah international airport. I was deported from the terminal. I have travel ban on me for 3 years. But can I travel to other GCC countries while the travel ban is imposed? And yes the major told me I can come to Saudi Arabia on visit visa or Umrah visa anytime even while the travel ban is imposed. Can I travel to other GCC countries?

Answer by Steve
This is really shocking information for me. Before answering your question, I would highly appreciate if you could explain a little bit more about your case. What your other expat brother should not do at the airport. Anything which you want to share.

Coming back to your question, I think you are only banned from Saudi Arabia. You are free to go to any other GCC country for job. It is not a criminal offense to make movie of restricted areas. Again, I am really shocked! I wish you all the best for future.

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