Friday, August 7, 2015

Procedure to Report Stolen Car in Saudi Arabia

At the time of sharing this information, I pray that you never have to use it. As all of us who live in Saudi Arabia know that crime rate in Saudi Arabia is very low. The sense of security we feel here is just like home for western expats and better than home for Asian expatriates. Very rarely we hear about some incident of getting a car stolen in Saudi Arabia. However, God forbids, if this incident happens to you, you need to report it to certain authorities. With the help of one of our readers Mr. Sam, today I am able to describe this procedure to you.

Procedure to Report Stolen Car in Saudi Arabia
  1. The moment you realize that your car is stolen, you need to report it to Police by calling 999. They will collect all the information about the car so they can start looking for it and ask you to come to the nearest police station to register a proper report. Make sure you have not parked it at some new parking place and forgot about it. There are parking place problems in the main metropolitan cities of Saudi Arabia so one has to park on new locations sometimes.
  2. Now you will have to go to the nearest police station to register a proper complaint. Make sure you go there with some Saudi or at least one person who can speak proper Arabic if you cannot speak it. I do not think they would be able to understand your point if you speak in English. After registering for complaint, they will not give you any copy or receipt of the complaint. However, you will receive a message confirming that the report has been registered. Police department will call you at your mobile if car is found. It is very important to go there along with these documents.
    • Original Iqama
    • Original Istamara (Vehicle Registration)
  3. As we have already discussed in a previous article “Procedure of Final Exit in Saudi Arabia” that you cannot get final exit if there is a car on your name. In case your vehicle is stolen, it should be transferred from your name, and company can process your final exit. However, if car is still there on your name, it means Police department has not registered the complaint in the online system. You need to wait for couple of days and visit them again if car is still there in your name
  4. By the way, receiving SMS of the complaint also mean that your complaint has been registered online in the integrated system of the Ministry of Interior 
Be optimistic and don’t lose your hope, my uncle’s car was stolen 7,8 years ago and Police found it after 3 weeks from the time it was stolen. Police of Saudi Arabia is very active in this regard so have patience and pray for the best. The most important thing is to keep your car safe with protective devices. What kind of devices can you install in your car in Saudi Arabia to keep it protective from stealing? I will be writing another article on this topic.

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