Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reporting Stolen Car to Saudi Police – An Experience

Mr. Sam has shared with us his experience to report stolen car in Saudi Arabia. I really appreciate his efforts of enlightening the society about it.  Hi Steve, as I mentioned earlier, I am giving you full details of the situation. The moment my car lost, I called 999 and complained. They collected the information and asked me to visit the nearest Police Dept. to register a formal complaint. I did, but Police didn't give me any acknowledgment even after request. They just said no need; they will call me if car is found. As I mentioned earlier that I was about to go on Final Exit, my company tried to issue the same after complaint is registered. But online system refused to issue the same stating that; I still have the car in my name.

I went to Traffic Department. To my surprise, they informed me that, my complaint is not yet registered online, and they asked me to revisit the Police Dept. I visited and they found out that it was their staff mistake that he forgot to register it online. They did it and I got the complaint acknowledgement through SMS. After which, my company was able to issue Final Exit. I am leaving the country shortly. It is about 20 days now. My car is still not found anyway.

Best precautions to avoid such incidents:
  1. To fix an additional ignition switch (hidden). Any car electricians do it. If this switch is off, thieves can start the car even with duplicate key or direct wire connection.
  2. To have GPS system! We can buy this small GPS chip online (Amazon). It’s available locally as well. It’s not that expensive (about 300-500 SAR). But it’s worth it. We can trace the cars present location at any given time.
Hope this helps others who may face such unfortunate and unforeseen situations. There is no good information about this (in Saudi) on internet. I request you to create a new blog page about the same.

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