Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saudi Donated SR 9 million for the mass marriage of 2,000 poor couples

You don’t need a big wallet to have a big heart but if you have big heart as well as big wallet then it is exceptional. Such an example set by a good hearted Saudi person who donates 9 million Saudi Riyal in charity for the mass wedding.  There is no happiness in having or getting but only in giving. Following this rule, A Saudi generous and kindhearted person gives 9 million in donation for the mass marriage of about two thousand couples.  The mass marriage system is a blessing for a society where dowry menace is uncontrolled. And such a big donation and charitable act by a Saudi for these kinds of weddings is more than a blessing.

In the city of Jazan in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mousa Khami who is the chairman of the committee of mass weddings said that, a generous donor made a bighearted donation. He gave 9 million Saudi Riyal for the mass wedding of two thousand couples. The committee stated that they would use this huge donation for the prosperity of the couples. The committee decided to transfer the amount of 10,000 Saudi Riyal to the accounts of each and every couple.

This amount would be given to both registered and as well as those couples who are in the waiting list. This generous contribution by a Saudi person improved the financial condition and give monetary support to the couples who got married in the mass wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony of the couples was held with the support encouragement, or financial aid provided by the Emir of Jazan.

The committee also said that according to a roughly calculation so far more than 12.5 million Saudi Riyal have been spent for mass marriages of over 12 thousand young men and women.

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