Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saudi Government opens special Park for Disabled Residents in Jeddah

There are lots of people in this world who might not be as abled as a normal person. They might not be able to walk straight, run properly, eat by themselves or even better, have no legs or hands at all. Such people might not have a strong leg to run or a perfect hand to eat, but they definitely have a big heart to love and have fun.  For such loveable and kind hearted people, a park in Jeddah by the Jeddah Mayor Hani Abu Ras has been built especially for disabled people or as I like to call them, differently abled people. It caters to them only and is a great initiative, I think!

This park is located in the Al Salama district on the Prince Sultan Street and is known as the ‘Al-Erada Park’. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been famous for taking care of such people. King Salman who is also guardian of the Two Holy Mosques allowed for new deal that involved granting SR 150,000 to different abled people for their basic needs that would include transportation and etc.  This park has been built especially for such people because it would give them an opportunity to indulge in the environment and culture and not feel judged or any less different than normal people. A gap that has been made between abled and differently abled people has to be removed and this park can be of a lot of help in this matter.

As told by the director general for landscaping, Mr. Mohammad Al Mutairi, this park is spread on 7700 square meters that includes 1200 meters wide of greenery. The greenery includes 2000 bushes, 30 palm trees and 160 trees. Nothing better than having so much greenery around you! The park includes several other developments such as a proper irrigation system, lighting columns, lots of tables, 3350 square meters of tarmac and free internet connection. There’s a playground in the park along with a cinema and also a massive rubber walkway. This park also includes public toilets that are specifically designed for such people and their ease to use them without any difficulty.

In my opinion, this park is a great development in the history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more countries need to realize how recreational activities are as important for differently abled people as they are for abled ones. It’s about time the human race starts to treat these people normally, in fact with extra care and love. More parks like the Al Erada Park, theaters, courts and restaurants should be developed dedicated to such differently abled people only, making them feel specially and socially acceptable to our society.

A missing leg or some internal brain problem can never define them. Such differently abled people are much more humble and loveable than the perfectly abled ones and we should learn something from them and treat them with insane amount of appreciation and love! This park is a great initiative by the mayor, kudos to him!

Source: Arab News

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