Monday, August 3, 2015

Saudi Officer who fined his Own Mother

In essence, when someone takes oath or gets appointed to a certain official position in the government, it is their duty to perform all their activities in favor of their country and to be right and just with everyone. However these days that doesn’t seem to be true, well not everywhere at least, in some countries, developed and developing alike, government officials and other office bearers seem to have forgotten what their job really is and use their position to benefit their friends and family.Well, like I said earlier it is not like this everywhere, there are examples of modern day government officials who have gone up and above in their line of duty as government officials or other office bearers to do what is right rather than do what is easy.

One such story comes from right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where an officer of the Saudi Municipality department, Jamal Al Enezi did something which gained him the respect and affection of other office bearers as well as people on social media.The Municipality officer, Jamal Al Enezi, has now become a role model for all other government officials on how to do their duty without any bias, after he himself imposed a fine upon an eatery / cafeteria which was owned by none other than his own mother.One man from the Awqilia town in the northern region of Saudi Arabia had filed a complaint to their local health authorities about the unhygienic condition of a cafeteria he had eaten in after he was served a sandwich with a fly in it.

Jamal Al Enezi, who just happened to be the head of the municipal services, fined the eatery / cafeteria for the poor standards of hygiene and unhygienic food served to the customers. It is reported however that Jamal Al Enezi at that time had not been aware that his own mother owned the cafeteria / eatery that he had just imposed a fine upon.

A short while later he was informed that the cafeteria upon which the fine had been imposed was indeed owned by the mother of Mr. Jamal Al Enezi himself, however even after finding out he insisted that things go along as they were going before the revelation was made and that the fine would be imposed under any circumstances.

The Mayor, Abdullah Al Enezi praised the head of Municipality, Jamal, for his selfless deed and for performing his basic duties without having any bias for his own mother. Social media also responded positively with messages of respect and appreciation for what he had done. People on these social media portals said that Jamal had indeed laid down a great bench mark for other government officials on how to do their duties.Jamal Al Enezi is who every official should aspire to be. The cafeteria was a health hazard which could have made anybody sick and the actions of Jamal helped insure the cafeteria will be more careful from now on.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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