Monday, August 3, 2015

Saudi Youth Collect and Sell Bottle caps to provide health insurance to needy

Humanity over history has truly come out to help their fellow humans at numerous occasions when they were in need. These people who were not essentially responsible to help others took it upon themselves to help others regardless of faith, creed or caste. When Allah has blessed you in abundance it is wise for you to help out those who are in need.One such volunteer team called Giving Hand has ran numerous environmental events and awareness programs in shopping malls all overthe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now after numerous previous campaigns, the team has launched yet another campaign called the safe way to get rid of medicine in which seven young Saudi women volunteers are working.

The latest even by the Giving Hand group took place just last Thursday which had been sponsored by various Saudi based companies in coordination with The Plant company and Environment Friends team.These young Saudi girls aim to raise awareness and spread word of environmental issues through recycling, with the help of their own volunteer team and the other teams and companies coordinating with them on such programs. This team of young Saudi girls collects caps off of empty water bottles and then once collected; they proceed to sell these bottle caps to the recycling factories who deal with plastics and other such objects. This team uses the money collected from the sales of these bottle caps to purchase health insurance for people who are in need. Approximately one ton of these wasted plastic bottle caps make up for health insurance costs of one person.

Hence these young volunteers are asking various insurance companies to join hands in their efforts to get help to the needy by accepting patients who are in need of health insurance yet cannot afford it, into their medical programs which will allow them to receive treatment.

The captain of the ladies volunteer team, Eman Al Arifi, lay great emphasis on the goal which her team planned to accomplish which was to get rid of the negative impact which these plastic bottles and caps create for the environment and instead use them to benefit the people who are in need. She added that her team is and will be targeting big commercial malls and other commercial centers in Jeddah, to give demonstrations of their program and have till fate conducted awareness programs in 6 schools and a few colleges too. These colleges include the King Abdul Aziz College, Effat and Dar Al Hekma universities.

During one of their awareness program events, the volunteer team helps educate people on the issues which pose a great environmental risk, such as these plastic bottles, and how to turn this environmental risk into something beneficial through recycling. The team regularly distributes various leaflets and pamphlets with information on how to recycle these environmental risks. The team also exhibits unique art work which is created out of caps collected form soda and water bottles.This volunteer team has generated a lot of interest, yet they still need all the help they can get. Help them out if you can.

Source: Arab News

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