Monday, August 3, 2015

SR 1.3 million for Saudi Nationality – Woman arrested for Fraud

One Saudi woman has landed herself in some pretty hot water when she allegedly took a staggering amount of SAR 1.3 million from a Yemeni man in the hopes and promises that she would get him Saudi Nationality. Said Saudi woman has now been arrested and is in police custody.The woman who is yet to be named, allegedly duped the wealthy Yemeni expatriate working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into thinking that that she could indeed get her a Saudi nationality by using some of her high connections in the government, however she would need the amount to do so.

The police believe that the Saudi woman asked for an initial advance payment of SAR 50,000 and another of the same amount after which she asked for SAR 200,000.According to the Yemeni man’s sponsor, Ahmed Ibrahim Mubarki had personally asked the Saudi woman for a receipt or acknowledgment of receiving the SAR 1.3 million before she was paid an amount of SAR 600,000.The con artist woman surprisingly agreed to this and both the parties signed a legal contract for obtaining a Saudi nationality for the Yemeni expatriate.However in a very short time the Yemeni man realized his mistake and realized that he had indeed become the victim of a con set up because the highly connected woman started to avoid him and also ignore his telephone calls.

The smart Yemeni man now finally took the case to court which eventually ruled in his favor stating that the woman may either payback the total amount of the contract within a period of 5 days or else face time in prison.After the verdict of the court the Saudi woman shot a video clip in which other female divorcees were visible and all of them claimed that they had been defrauded and harassed by Mubarki who had promised them housing units.

After the video went viral thanks to the internet and social media, Mubarki was arrested and placed into police custody where he remained for a period of 48 hours after finally being released. Mubarki spoke to the press and stated that he did not cheat that woman or any of the women in the video clip. He added that he hails from a highly religious and pious family and that no one from his entire family has ever been in prison even for a mere traffic violation. Mubarki stated that he had been taken care of at the police station.

Mubarki used to be a school principal before opening up his own custom clearance office after retirement. The Yemeni man has been working with him since a long while. When Mubarki started to ask her for proof of her high connections she started avoiding him and later put out a fake video which mentioned his name, Mubarki stated. Mubarki added that the Yemeni is an extremely wealthy man back in his own country and has appointed Khaled Al Yafie as his legal counsel.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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