Friday, August 7, 2015

Swearing on Whatsapp could cost you SR 250,000 and deportation from UAE

Swearing is prohibited in Islam without any authentic grounds. It increases the possibility of lying of a person in the name of Allah or may put people in complicated situation in case a person swears for something he actually does not belong to. From now onwards one has to be extra careful regarding swearing on someone especially on social media network in UAE. The government has imposed restriction over swearing on WhatsApp or using such words which may depict meaning of swearing for emphasizing something. The UAE government has announced restriction over any explicit or implicit message on famous mobile messaging media WhatsApp regarding swearing. In case any violation is witnessed by authorities it may result in jail sentence plus fine of $68,000 fine (SR 250,000). Such a huge monetary penalty can easily indicate the seriousness of matter.

Right after announcement of this regulation, one person has found to be convicted of swearing on Whatsapp over his fellow worker. The court punished him with penalty of $800 considering it as a last chance for him and everyone else. Even for such a lenient punishment imposed by court, $800 worth a lot for an average resident in UAE. The accused person got punished after his colleague made a complaint at cybercrime law enforcement cell and put allegation over accused person for using insulting and disgusting words about him. The court announced the punishment after investigating and making sure that the accused person was actually guilty of allegation charged by victim.

Not only this, according to Emirates 24/7 News in case any expatriate is found to be guilty of swearing on Whatsapp, the consequences can deport him from UAE. He may also have to pay imposed fine or in case matter indicates grave seriousness or damages to victim, he may also bear jail sentence before deportation. Representatives of cybercrime cell have explained the reason behind such a severe punishment for just swearing on Whatsapp is to forbid people from using abusive or disgusting language for others on online media. Due to vast use of internet, people have become inclined to bring personal disputes to social media platforms in order to defame opponent. This practice brings notorious reputation for various innocent persons.

Several sector of society have raised their concerns and took it as an impediment in freedom of expression. The authorities have declared it just as a regulation to forbid people from hurting or teasing other by their abusive language and slangs. This restriction has to do nothing wrong with freedom of expression, anyhow freedom of expression does not allow anyone to bring harm to any other person’s reputation or dignity.

Recently the UAE police and concerned authorities have placed restriction over usage of middle finger emoji which is a symbolic slang in modern western culture.  Such symbolic conversation may result in charge a guilty with fine up to Dhs 500,000 ($137,000). The imprisonment duration for such act may extend up to three years. So if you are a resident of UAE you have to be a bit careful while using online messengers as it may cost you huge to use abusive language for any other person.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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