Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Travel Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Travel insurance in itself is a type of insurance which is intended to cover all of the medical expenses along with lost or misplaced luggage, cancellation of trips of flight, accidents while flying or any other losses that might have been incurred by the insured party throughout their travels both abroad and domestic.Travel Insurance is usually arranged at the time of booking of a flight or trip and it is made to cover the total time period of the trip. It can also be arranged for a multi trip insurance policy and even be set for a fixed period of time i.e. a year during which all your travels will be insured. There are some insurance companies which offer policies with both low and high medical coverage options, the higher ones usually are for the countries which have extremely high medical costs in the country such as the United States of America.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia travel insurance covers a standard policy up to SAR 3 million per person and the person or party which has been insured can avail their 24 hour customer assistance service from many overseas service providers.3 different policy schemes are usually offered by Insurance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which include a worldwide travel insurance policy which includes both the United States of America and Canada; this is the premium top of the line package after which is another worldwide travel insurance policy which does not cover the United States or Canada. Finally there is an insurance policy for only Schengen countries.

The most common risks which are covered by these travel insurance plans include ; Medical emergency, returning of remains in case of death, emergency evacuation in times of unrest or natural disasters, returning of a minor, overseas funeral expense missing flight connections or flights due to weather or any other emergency and even hijacking.

Some insurance companies also offer customized packages which offer optional choices for an added cost; each and every provider has their own set of additional options. These include any pre existing medical conditions e.g. diabetes, asthma or any other mental or physical illness, risky sports such as skiing or scuba diving, bungee jumping. Some countries in a really bad state which is not covered in the policy can be chosen here for an added cost. 3rd party suppliers can also be covered which are not included in the standard package coverage.

However these insurance companies have the right to deny coverage if the insured party does not list down all of the pre existing conditions that they might have. They can also deny coverage of any elective or non life saving surgery or treatment which the insured party might have gotten done. They can even deny you coverage of any and all injuries or illnesses brought upon to the insurer through the use of either alcohol or drugs.Travel insurance is beneficial when going to a new country as you have a round the clock concierge service with you at all times.

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