Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unknown Facts about Sculptures of Jeddah

Many people are unaware of the fact that Jeddah is indeed an art lover’s dream and paradise. Not only does the city host numerous art galleries, it also hosts one of the most extensive open art museums in the world. These exquisite sculptures which can be seen all over the city, never cease to fascinate first time travelers and tourists to the city by their great artistic value and also by the sheer number of sculptures that are present in the city. Here are a few facts that most people do not know about these sculptures in Jeddah.

Unknown Facts about Sculpture of Jeddah
  1. These sculptures which can be seen all around the city of Jeddah were all built as part of the Jeddah Beautification Project which was carried out by Mayor of Jeddah, Mohammad Said Farsi, during the 1970’s.
  2. These sculptures were built at a whopping estimated cost of $150 million.
  3. In present times, 350 to 400 sculptures are scattered all around Jeddah.
  4. These sculptures were designed by some of the top renowned sculptor from all around the world which included Ottmar Hollmann, Victor Vasarely and also Henry Moore.

  5. One of the sculptures found in Jeddahm the Cosmos, which was Made by Hollmann, stands at an astonishing 36 meters tall and is generally considered as one of the biggest sculptures anywhere in the world.
  6. Renowned Finnish Sculptor Eila Hiltunen mainly executed the design and construction of the 3.6 meter Sunflower Fountain. She was one of the only two women to be involved in the Beautification campaign.
  7. According to Mohammad Farsi’s son, Hany Farsi, his father will start to write a column in magazines to reveal and discuss the initial ideas behind these beautiful sculptures.

Even with the excruciating heat of the city, the horrid sandstorms and the extremely salty sea air, the majority of these sculptures stand strong. These beautiful sculptures have become a part of the daily lives of the residents of Jeddah and a permanent feature in the beauty of the city of Jeddah and most Jeddahwis cannot imagine their city without these sculptures filling their city and adding to its visual beauty.

While the western media gives our religion and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a lot of HEAT (PUN INTENDED) over the barbarism displayed by extremist groups, they fail to realize that Muslim people and people of Saudi Arabia are capable of art. Not only are Muslims capable of some of the greatest art anywhere in the world, they are also avid art admirers.Any prospective art or photography students looking to take a vacation that can help them in their future should definitely head over to Jeddah to see the beauty that is dotted all around the city in the form of Exquisite sculptures. However I would recommend going in the winter months, as westerners usually cannot handle the Arab summer heat.The western media might want to showcase these efforts of Arab people rather than trying and maligning our prestige and image of Muslims all around the world.

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