Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I converted to Islam? - Lew Alcindor

Since the emergence of Islam millions of people converted to Islam after analyzing transformation in their minds and souls. Accepting Islam as a code of conduct is not just a matter of choice, it is actually accepting slavery of a Lord who is above all. The same happened to Lew Alcindor who transformed Muslim 40 years back. He is known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar now. He explains his inspiration towards Islam for being appealed towards a complete code of conduct rather than a religion which orders fiver times prayers and offers a Holy book. Being a celebrity he had to face a lot of criticism, objections and questions. “Religion is a matter of personal choice still I’m explaining my reason of transformation since the day I declared Islam as my official religion” said Abdul-Jabbar 

While telling about circumstance which led his conversion to Islam, he shared his initial experience as a famous basketball player at UCLA. Kareem was enjoying fame, good performance and spotlight; still he was not contented with his life. He felt something was missing which made him nervous and confused about his objectives towards life. Meanwhile riots of African-American broke out which caused 43 deaths and thousands of injuries. This incident made him realize that Americans just want that poster boy to prove that racism is a myth in American culture to showcase the outer world. Out of discomfort he started attending catholic schools in the quest of peace and light. Soon he realized that this is not his destinations and he started looking for some other path which could help him to solve his confusions and restlessness.

Kareem was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and Shaft for their courage, bravery and will power to accomplish their goals and take stand for their closed ones. He described his position being presented in front of American society as a sign of equality. Americans expected him to prove rest of the world that racism is just a myth in American culture and black people are given same rights as others. Autobiography of Malcolm X attracted Abdul Jabbar towards Islam and he became passionate to grab the right direction like him. Christianity being foundation of White American showed him half picture of equality and he witnessed suppression and pain of African Americans.

“Islam seemed the only way to complete my journey to spiritual fulfillment. Though it seemed a path full of obstacles and hurdles, still I felt so motivated to adopt Islam as my soul and heart. The journey was not easy, I had to pay for my decision and I did but the spiritual content I always missed, I only got with my closeness with my Lord” said Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His first teacher and official preacher of Islam was Hammas Abdul Khaalis who met Kareem during early days of his career. Finally he converted to Islam when he was just 24.

He married a Muslim woman despite of his strong feelings for a Christian woman. He annoyed his parents for his decision still he feels so contented and complete being a Muslim. He wanted to transform in a more privately way than making public announcements still he has not regret what he faced for becoming a Muslim. A true Muslim indeed has the same spirit as Kareem Abdul Jabbar filled with as Islam is all about peace and contentment.

 Source: Saudi Gazette

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