Saturday, August 8, 2015

Young Saudi Man Films His Own Death

With emerging trends of status updates, photo and video sharing on social media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and snap chat, youth has indulged in reckless activities. People have become so crazy to share their news feed no matter how awkward or personal it is. Recently a video got viral on internet which shows a young Saudi man driving car while making his video. The car speed is reported to be 200 kilometer per hour which finally ended in a brutal accident. The accident is reported to be happened between Abha and Khamis Mushait. At the end of video he went into an awful situation and the car smashed down to ashes. The video confirmed his death in the accident and have put people into an alarming condition who keep on capturing videos or taking selfies while driving or riding.

The man later identified to be one of the Red Crescent Emergency workers.  This is not the only case where the video shooter got expired at the end, there are many cases reported in recent years where people captured their last moments by their hands. These facts are sad and highlight the social dilemma or reckless use of modern technology.  Last year Facebook released a list of people who took their last moment pictures and got expired right after it. Such pictures were taken in extremely dangerous situations and people were sure to die but still craziness made them insane. Few of such pictures were taken on dangerous locations and rest with deadly animals.

In the video of rash driving of Saudi man, the person lost control of his car while trying to adjust focus of camera. The situation was unexpected for him and he started screaming. While the car smashed down, he kept on calling God and asked for help continuously. This video created restlessness among viewers and people came out with mixed gestures. Some took it as a suicidal case where as other blamed obsessive use of social media and modern technology.

Whatever is the actual reason behind the incident, the fact is that the man is no more alive and has lost his life just due to a little act of carelessness. Such kind of irresponsible behavior is very common among Saudi youth who don’t understand the worth of life. Adventures and thrills are good for enjoyment but limits have to be set in order to avoid any awful situation later.

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