Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 Easy Steps to Learn Arabic Language Quickly

People all over the world learn Arabic for different reasons. The motivation for them to learn Arabic might be work, family, friendship, or travel. I chose to learn Arabic because it is my hobby to know different languages. Above all, I need to learn Arabic because I had a plan to work here. Now I am working here in Saudi Arabia from last 4 years. According to my perception, every foreigner who is seeking a job in some other country should understand and learn the language of that country. It is essential that one should have a clear knowledge of the overseas language to fit in the commercial society of the country. Now I’ll underline some significant tips to learn Arabic. I just want to help those who also have the same ambition to live and work in Arab countries.

10 Easy Steps to Learn Arabic Language Quickly
  1. Understand the Language Types: Arabic is a language spoken in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the language of millions of people in the Arab countries and other parts of the world. It is mother tongue and the official primary language of about 26 MENA (Middle-East and North African) countries. Before starting the process to learn language, you should completely know and choose intelligently what kind of Arabic you want to learn and what are the requirements of your job. There are different accents and variety of local pronunciations of Arabic in different regions or countries such as Egyptian Arabic which is sort of an informal language, Gulf Arabic, Levantine Arabic also known as Mashriqi Arabic, Maghrebi or Darija Arabic mostly spoken in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya regions, Andalusian Arabic, generally known as Spanish Arabic or Hispano-Arabic, and Mesopotamian Arabic.
  2. Classical Quranic Arabic: If you are not confident about the area of your job, the best option is to learn the basic Arabic, also known as the classical or Quranic Arabic. It is the language mostly acknowledged overall. It is the language used for the governmental documentation or writings, in political dialogues, for literary works and also used for broadcast television and radio. Standard Arabic is also the language of the Qur’an. Moreover, it is the source and roots of all words which is used in different Arabic dialects.
  3. How to select the dialects: As mentioned before, Arabic language has several different dialects or accents. You can observe people in every Arab country using different dialect or accents in their daily routine life. Now the first question that would be arising in the mind of a learner is this the correct dialect to learn Arabic language or what would be the best dialect to start learning. Learning a dialect means to learn the terminologies of a particular dictionary. According to me, picking up an accent is the first step towards learning Arabic. 
  4. In the beginning, many people find Arabic characters and texts very difficult. The real problem is that they give more importance on transcription of the Arabic words rather than trying to learn the alphabets. This makes the learning process very difficult.. Therefore, the best you can do is to be on track and follow an organized procedure to learn the alphabets. Go through some Arabic books by Using an Arabic dictionary which can help you out in the learning process.
  5. Understanding and using a dictionary is a technical thing. Subsequently, the important step in learning process is using the dictionary. In Arabic dictionary; words are generally organized by and based on three-letter roots. For example, if you are looking for a word “kaatib” in the dictionary, it should be checked under “k” as its root letters are k-t-b. The order of the root is important. Obviously, to become an expert in this trick you need some practice. It is not a much difficult trick as it is based on a set of rules that you should understand. 
  6. Learning words with the help of photos is an easy way to study and learn the new vocabulary.  It is important that you should not make your learning procedure boring. Instead, you can change this process into an enjoyable experience.
  7. Don’t learn any language only for having a job. Always remember that you should take pleasure in the learning process otherwise you can never pick up Arabic language.
  8. Make a proper plan and set a schedule for learning. If you think that, you can study anytime or only during your free hours, it will not give you the desired result. Choose an adviser who can encourage you throughout the learning process. He should also be familiar to the language to give you a precise advice.
  9. It is not a child play to learn a language. You can without any doubt join any language courses for better and quick results. Practice always makes a man perfect. So it is a key part of your learning process that you study at home, practice some language trial test papers, and read books.
  10. Different internet sites have Arabic speaking groups. Joining these groups will help you to practice with other Arabic learners. These groups are a great platform to clear your doubts with other people. Try to read Quran with word by word translation. You can also read newspapers with the motive of understanding it.


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