Wednesday, September 23, 2015

11 Reasons why summer in Saudi Arabia is intolerable

Just due to the fact that the summer months are seen as months of relaxation and holidays, it simply does not mean that the summer months will not bring with them things that people absolutely hate. The problems that are associated with the summer months are intensified in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf region as well, due to them being in close proximity with the equator. With all this in mind here are some things which we absolutely hate about the summer months;

11 Reasons why summer in Saudi Arabia is intolerable
  1. Saudi people are faced with having to take more than one shower a day. However the irony is that as soon as people in Saudi Arabia step out of their shower, they are automatically sweating again.
  2. Due to the fact that the heat is actually terrible during the daytime hours, there is a general consensus amongst the people that the night time or those hours when the sun is not blazing, is the best part to go out, hence leading to immense traffic and jams.
  3. For those who have to park their cars in a lot without shade during the daytime hours, getting into your car after even a little while of them being parked in the lot, you can experience great heat from within the car, and in those cars which are fitted with metal objects such as gear knob etc. they can cause scalding.
  4. The sweaty, sticky heat often causes people to lose their temper easily, hence people are usually cautious of keeping their jokes as minimum as possible.
  5. Summer months are the ideal months for vacation all around the world. Hence it is natural that you will have a few people on your social media platforms that are uploading beautiful pictures of their vacations and exotic locations that they are travelling through. However those who are not able to go on vacation find it highly irritating and some may even block users that can be seen having too much fun on their vacations.
  6. Air conditioning is a basic commodity to survive in the heat of Saudi Arabia during the summer months. However due to the immense heat and long running hours for the air conditioning system, more often than not it breaks down, which is literally not cool.
  7. Jeans is something that just cannot be worn due to the fact that the stick and are generally of dark colors which is worse. Hence people can be seen donning clothes of lighter hues.
  8. Those who wear glasses are always facing fogging of their glasses as they step out of buildings, or even out of their air conditioned cars.
  9. Despite the fact that the Kingdom has one of the cheapest electricity rates around the world, the monthly electricity bill is simply astonishing.
  10. Summer months cause sweat and sweat causes a raunchy odor, which is quite unpleasant, not to forget the sweat stains that are also caused.
  11. Eating ice cream to beat the heat? good luck, as ice cream starts to melt instantaneously in the Saudi summer heat

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