Monday, September 21, 2015

4.5G Technology is to be introduced in Saudi Arabia

In our present world, nearly all telecom users are enjoying the 4G LTE Services at about 10 times faster speeds than those before them. After the launch of the initial 4G LTE mobile service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2011, high speed services have been commonly taken as the standard choice for those who are using mobile connectivity. Ever since then, the Kingdom has been staying one step ahead in terms of technological transformations. Even though this benchmark of the Kingdom is moving swiftly, there are several experts who are predicting that the traffic of mobile services will increase by 10 fold by 2018. This new move will enable a gap between the need of the mobile service by the people and the capabilities of deliverance of the current technology of that increased need.

It is reported that the Saudi market accounts for more than 50 percent of the mobile devices which are shipped to the GCC region, where as the own mobile devices of the region is also expected to have a 30 percent increase by the year 2019. Thankfully this gap has become less worrisome due to the fact that we are approaching another monumental and most definitely a historical moment as we are stepping into another innovation in the world of mobile technology. What is expected to be launched by 2016 is the commercial service which is being called 4.5G mobile broadband services. This new service is an upgrade from the top of the line 4G LTE services and will enable users to enjoy high speeds and greater connectivity.

Even though there is little to one year left to the expected date, we ask ourselves are we ready for this new leap in technology. Most of us do not even know when it will be out, what benefits it will bring, etc. In completely simple terminology, the 4.5G service will be bridging the gap between the 4G services in use today, to the dream of the 5G connectivity. The actual 5G service is still a long way out and is expected to surface sometime between 2020 and 2030. However with the rising demand for high speed mobile services, 4.5G service is being introduced as the standard mobile service till the introduction of 5G.

The Saudi people in general will be able to benefit the enhanced services provided by the 4.5G platform. These enhanced services are to include 3 changes from the 4G platform which are latency, capacity and connections. As most of the local industries are getting familiarized with the benefits of this machine to machine communication the 4.5G service will allow up to 100,000 connections in a square kilometer.

This new number is almost an increase of 100 times with the amount of previous connections allowed on the 4G networks. Moreover the 4.5G service will allow users to experience virtual reality and 4k videos in their truest form. 4.5G will also allow for faster mobile connections. Latency as we know it will be reduced to 10 milliseconds on the 4.5G platform.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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