Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 Must have mobile Applications for Travelers

For many centuries human beings have traveled across the world, without any help from technology which we are accustomed to today. However the argument arises that since they did not have any technology, they did not use it, however when we have technology, why not use it. An overwhelming number of apps are available in all mobile platforms which can confuse you, hence we provide you with the best apps you can have while travelling.

5 Must have mobile Applications for Travelers
  1. SKYSCANNER: It can be a tedious deed searching for the best tickets at the best prices. With the help of the SkyScanner App you can surf through endless options and availabilities on numerous airlines to take you all around the world. For those looking for a last minute vacation, the App will also inspire you by showing you different places and the most convenient tickets available.
  2. BOOKING.COM: This App has more than 510,000 hotels featured on it, with over 200 countries where the App can be used. Additionally the app offers amazing deals and promotions on hotels, whether you might be looking for a 5 star Hollywood-esque hotels or a cozy guest house or bed and breakfast, this App is definitely for you
  3. TRIP-IT: Not everyone is rich enough to afford their own personal travel assistant to help them organize and keep check over all their travel details, however now you do not need a personal travel assistant as you can simply download the TripIt App to help you keep everything in check. All you have to do is forward the emails regarding booking of your ticket, hotel accommodation; car rental etc. and the App will keep all in check. The App also works with Microsoft Outlook or the Google Calendar to schedule your activities.
  4. GOOGLE MAPS: Google Maps may not be a new or unknown App however it can be of extreme importance while navigating your way through a new city. The App also has built in GPS navigation which can be used while walking, driving or cycling. The Maps also show you places of interest such as museums, restaurants or even official government buildings so that you can see what attraction is closest to you.
  5. EXPENSE MANAGER: Many people, like me, do not like to worry about the expenses made during a vacation, while we are actually on vacation, it is only when we return from the vacation and check our bank accounts that we see what we have done. While travelling, even basic expenditures such as food, transportation and accommodation is what takes away a major chunk of your resources, after that you splurge and shop a bit and before you know it, you’ve already crossed the limit which you had set prior to your vacation. This App features currency conversion calculators, mathematical calculators, and tip calculators amongst other things. The App can also be used to manage your daily finances as it has several features such as Bank transfer and all records of incoming and outgoing money from your account.
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