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5 Revolutionary Steps taken by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the late Saudi monarch who had assumed the throne of the House of Saud in 2005; however he had been instrumental in the running of the Kingdom right from when his Half-brother King Fahd had a stroke nearly a decade earlier. The two decades that the Late King Abdullah ruled over one of the greatest key allies to the west, the greatest in the Muslim world, were an ode to his legacy which will be remembered for decades more to come. Below are the most notable characteristics of the region under his rule and how he brought about a general betterment.

5 Revolutionary Steps taken by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
  1. King Abdullah has been the first ever Saudi monarch who had appointed women into government positions. In the year 2013, the late King appointed around 30 women to the Shura council which held total seats of 150. The Shura council is the top most consultative body which gives its advice on the day to day activities as well as major decision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, and other attacks by the Al Qaeda on several western residential compounds which were home to several westerners in the Kingdom which eventually resulted in massive civilian casualties, the government ordered a harsh crackdown on these extremists. In this crackdown a group of militants was caught from within the Kingdom that had plans to overthrowing or toppling the Kingdom of the House of Saud.
  3. Perhaps the greatest of the legacies left behind by the Late King Abdullah was his approach and enactment on the modernization of the education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Under rule of King Abdullah, all previous Puritanism was removed and an ambitious movement began to modernize the education system despite severe opposition from the religious conservatives. The biggest evidence of his sincerity in the betterment of education was when the Late King Abdullah sent hundreds and thousands of Saudis on educational scholarships, all around the world, which would be paid by the Saudi Government.
  4. Joining the World Trade Organization, laid the way for the Kingdom to become the superpower nearly one decade later today. King Abdullah knew that the Kingdom had to diversify the economy of the country before the inevitable day that the oil and the oil money both ran dry.
  5. One of the most major steps in the uplifting of the international profile of Saudi Arabia also came under the rule of the Late King Abdullah. President of the United States Barrack Obama laid praise to the Saudi King for the bold steps taken by him for the advancement of the peace initiatives. It was also during his reign that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the only Arab nation to be seated at the G20. King Abdullah was also the first Saudi Monarch to have met the Pope.

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