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6 Best Restaurants in Riyadh to visit during a weekend

If you love food more than anything else in the world and love eating out, especially on the weekends, then these are a few restaurants you need to visit! They would undoubtedly please your appetite to no end.

6 Best Restaurants in Riyadh to visit during a weekend
Mondo Restaurant: The first off on this list of restaurants is Mondo restaurant. This is an Italian restaurant located at the intercontinental hotel. It has a romantic setting which would be the perfect venue for a dinner date for newly married couples as there are also poolside tables available. It has everything in its favor; the decor is fashionably elegant. It has exceptional service and great taste in cuisine.

Mirage Chinese Restaurant: The second on the list is the Mirage Chinese Restaurant. As we can gather by the name, it has Chinese cuisine and is the perfect place for families with children. It is located on Takhasousi Road next to Euro Marche. Every cubicle has its own set of aquarium containing tropical fish which keeps the children busy and gives the adults time to talk among themselves.

Nozomi: Japanese food is a must try and the go-to restaurant for Japanese food in Riyadh is Nozomi. It's on Dabbab Street and their dishes have a perfect balance of Asian for the Saudi taste buds. It caters to people who prefer food with substantial portions as well as people who enjoy eating less and healthy food. It has also has background music which makes the food even more pleasant.

Lusin: Are you going shopping and want to take some time out for your palate? Then you need to visit Lusin. It's located on the second floor of the Centria mall. The decor is vintage and the service is reportedly exceptional as well as the staff being accommodating and friendly. Their location gives them a lot of customers as people obviously need to renew their energy so that they can continue their shooting spree. However, the prices are considered a tad bit expensive.

Set Al-Sham: Are your taste buds craving Middle Eastern food? You will need to book a table at Set Al-Sham then as it's the ultimate place for Middle Eastern cuisine in Riyadh. It's on Thalateen Street in Olaya and is famous for its unique and creative decorations and undoubtedly its food too. They have Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese dishes available on their menu. The most ordered dish is their Shwarma for the main course and Um Ali for dessert.

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant: The last on this list is Assaraya Turkish Restaurant. This is also located on Thalateen Street and the food is not too heavy on the pocket. Their Syrian and Turkish meat dishes are to die for. It is the ideal place for large dinner groups. If you're rowdy and don't mind noise and a large number of people then it is just the place for you. The famous dishes you need to try when you visit is the Iskander kebab and freshly baked traditional Turkish bread. Don't forget to try their Turkish tea too.  Saudi Arabia has many diverse cuisines and these restaurants deserve the top positions on your list of go-to places.

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