Tuesday, September 8, 2015

6 things, Saudi residents are in love with!

You may have observed people living in Saudi Arabia partaking in various activities. Out of all them, we have chosen six activities liked by people living in Saudi Arabia. I'm sure that as soon as you start reading about them, you will realize you've either personally indulged in them or observed a Saudi doing so. So here we have the list of six things people living in Saudi Arabia love to do:

  1. Soccer: One of the topmost passions of the people living in Saudi Arabia is soccer. If they see a ball lying around, be sure that they will play with it. It doesn't matter if it's just an empty ground covered with sand or a professional football ground with well-manicured grass. Stadiums are abundantly present throughout Saudi Arabia and they are packed to the brim whenever a game is taking place in it. You may even a young boy playing soccer with his kandura blowing in the wind. It's not just enjoyed by children and young boys but the adults actively watch the game on TV.
  2. Desert Picnics: Picnics are a common occurrence in Saudi Arabia. You may think it unusual at the beginning when you find families opening up their picnic basket diner under the open sky in the park or even a parking lot but with time you will get used to it and enjoy the spontaneity of it. They enjoy camping till late at night with their family and friends and catching up on everything that's going on in each other's life.
  3. Sheesha/Hooka: There is a ninety percent chance of you finding one inanimate object a permanent resident of a Saudi household. It's none other than a Hooka! In a traditional Saudi household, you will find them enjoying kahwa or tea and sheesha. It's not just at homes but it's enjoyed at restaurants and cafes too. Most of the restaurants now offer sheeshas with varying flavors to the customers as an after dinner activity. Moreover, lots of people living in Saudi Arabia have a portable Hooka machine with them to travel with and take along to picnics. Recommended: A Guide to Smoke Shisha in Saudi Arabia
  4. Car drifting: The sound of the screeching tires on the road is like an adrenaline rush to the people living in Saudi Arabia. They are extremely passionate about it and it's commonly seen in the streets of KSA. Teens participating in car drifting sometimes get over enthusiastic and lose control of their car which results in numerous street accidents which is a sad affair in itself. However, there are laws pertaining this which urges the boys to stay within their limits. But car drifting and people living in Saudi Arabia have a chemistry of their own. There is even a song expressing their love for cars, people living in Saudi Arabia in Audis. Recommended: SR 10,000 Fine and 2 months Jail for Car Drifters
  5. Drinking Pepsi: I'm sure we are all aware of the most favored drink by people living in Saudi Arabia; Pepsi! Although Pepsi is an international drink, it might have the highest sale in KSA. It's loved by everyone; may that be a child, a teen or an adult. It is the number one drink throughout Saudi. Recommended: Saudis are Mideast’s Biggest Coke Drinkers
  6. Cafe nights: Last but not least, cafes. You will find a cafe at every turn of the road and at every street corner. It's the go-to hangout for a bunch of friends. You can have the deepest conversation there while sipping on tea/coffee or just have fun and tease each other while indulging in a few smokes of Hooka. It's also the perfect place to gather and watch a soccer game as most of the cafes now have a TV screen too. This feeds to two of their most loved activities at the same time; soccer and sheesha.
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