Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Al Wajh – The oldest Coastal City of Saudi Arabia in Tabuk Province

Al Wajh is a location about 325 kilometers to the south of Tabuk, by the Red Sea. It is also one of oldest coastal cities to date in the Kingdom. Despite being home to some of the best beaches in the world, along with many various marine resources and coral reefs which are absolutely breath taking, it has indeed failed to attract a huge crowd of tourists in this holiday season. There have been several official efforts made in order to give media coverage and publicity to this tourist spot, however they were modest at best and hence very few people in the Kingdom actually know about Al Wajh. There are other reasons too, such as poor infrastructure. For those people living in Tabuk, Al Wajh is an ideal getaway due to it being so close to them and also being in proximity of several islands.

Al Wajh is located in one of the best parts of the coast of the Red Sea and is one of the preferred locations for drivers who like to explore the depths of the sea. Additionally fishermen can also be found in the area looking for lobsters which is another thing that Al Wajh is famous for. Member of the AAR or Arab Amateur Radio Association, Captain Abdul Hafiz Qashqari has stated that he has never seen a more beautiful beach then the one he saw around the Al Dhahra Island, located just off the coast of Al Wajh. He stated that it is a magnificent place with moderate temperatures round the year.

Member of the SCTH or Saudi Commission of Tourism and National Heritage, Nasser Al Aqeel has stated that the weather at Al Wajh is the best in the entire Kingdom; he added that everything including food, transportation and housing was available in the area. Citizen of the Kingdom, Hani Kurdi has stated that many people do not travel to Al Wajh as the housing there is expensive due to them being available in small numbers. Additionally the main beach does not have any canteen, restaurant, toilets or any marine rides.

Another citizen, Anwar Al Jahdali has agreed to the previous statement. He added that the unpaved roads as well as taxis not being available at the airport are other problems faced by those travelling to Al Wajh. He added that the flights to Al Wajh from other cities are limited and Jeddah is the only place with a direct flight to Al Wajh. Secretary General Al Wajh Tourist Development Committee has blamed the absence of tourism. He has said that festivals play a vital role in attracting large crowds and many investors have placed the blame on strict restrictions which beach goers must adhere to.

Marketing specialist at SCTH Tabuk Branch, Fahad Al Ghareed has stated that the commission has been working with other partners in order to remove any obstacles being faced by the development of tourism in the area. He adds that several projects are underway which will boost the tourism. GPS Coordinates: 26.2345067,36.46552113

Source: Saudi Gazette

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