Friday, September 4, 2015

Are you alive? Bring a witness! Only in Saudi Arabia

There are countless stories out there how the Saudi Government and the Kingdom have done their best to help and accommodate those who are in need, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even outside of it. there is no doubt that authorities in the Kingdom are doing their best for their people, however, it cannot be denied that there are certain officials, albeit at the lower levels, who are not really living up to the standards of service set by the Government or the Kingdom. Why I am saying this, you will find out below.

One able bodied Saudi citizen went to the office of social security and requested for his monthly allowance, however an employee at the social security office stated something which just can’t be comprehended. He asked the Saudi citizen provide evidence that he was still alive.

In a totally understandable reaction, the man became a bit agitated and frustrated and said in a shouting voice that he was indeed the real person and like any sane person he produced his national identity card and handed it over to the official at the social security office. Even though there was a picture of the Saudi citizen on the identity card, the official then brought up another requirement. He then asked the citizen to produce a witness who could testify to the citizen being alive.

Confused, bewildered and slightly more agitated the man asked the official to become a witness as he could very well see that the man in question was well and alive, because he had been standing in front of the official the whole time. However the official declined his request as officials or employees could not be witnesses. These are just a few of the people who are bringing a bad name to one such country whose infrastructure, welfare and social security systems are praised around the world.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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