Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bollywood Heroes among the World’s Top Paid Actors

Bollywood actors are among the highly paid actors. Bollywood industry is one of the most famous in the world as it is known by a five years old kid to an elderly aged lady. Bollywood fame has increased to such a peak that some of its celebrities are marked to be among the highest paid actors in the world. Amitabh Bachan, Akshay Kumar and Salman khan are among top 10 highest paid actors. They have a higher rank than Hollywood A-listers such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Forbes made comparison of earnings of all the actors independent of Hollywood. The Chinese actor Jackie chain has earned $50 million from films made in China in 2014 and ranked as 2nd world’s highly paid actor. Robert Downey Jr. has been on the top of the list for the last 3 years earning $80million each year. Two Indian actors Salman Khan and Amitabh Bacchan are having 7th rank, each get paid $33.5 million during the year 2014. Bollywood publicist Raju Kariya gave his 30 years to the Indian industry said that he was astonished because global ranking has done over a long period of time. Indian actors success have rocketed them to stardom and fame like they are well renowned by everyone.

Salman Khan’s position clearly reveals that his popularity is gained through scandals which proved to be unharmed for him. His scandals attract the attention of media like hit and run case in 2002 that killed a man and injured four others. His fame is not compromised by killing black buck deer in 2006 for which he has appealed.  Even though the Bollywood actors are on full demand and highly paid but the earnings of Hindi language films are weak. This year only half a dozen movies have made a profit while thousands of films wasted the investment. India’s economy is getting stronger and the expansion of middle class, the ratio of moviegoers has raised and more cinemas are built. But the competition with Hollywood is making People more judgmental and demanding. But Bollywood is facing increased pressure from imported films. Film trade analyst Vinod Mirani said, “Movies are actually getting worse" as money-making vehicles in India”.

Study by the Confederation of Danish Industries in India estimates that Bollywood income is raising 10% every year and will expand up to $4.5 billion in 2016. Until 1990, the politicians and criminals used to provide funding. But now the films are bought by various companies like Sony Pictures, The Walt Disney Co. and Universal Studios have also opened office in India. Reliance Media Works Ltd, owned by one of India's richest tycoons, Anil Ambani, sold off its entire multiplex business, Big Cinemas, to UK's Carnival Films Pvt. Ltd. last year for more than $100 million.

The combined earnings of 5 Bollywood actors that have made Indians the second-highest paid as a group is $140.5million. Film analyst says that they were expecting Indians to be among top paid actors so they were not surprised. The credit of global recognition goes to a large Indian Diaspora living from Australia to Canada and the United States. The fame Bollywood actors has reached on the peak due to increasing number of Ads for everything from perfumes to undergarments.

TV commercials’ Role: Salman khan earned more than $20 million last year by promoting “being human” collection, the message stands out loud and clear. Bachan is much admired by Indian people that there’s a temple dedicated to him in the eastern city of Kolkata. He is the oldest actor on the list, 72 years old beating his Irish colleague 63 years old Liam Neeson, who grossed $19.5 million in 22nd place on the list. Akshay Kumar, the third highest paid actor of Bollywood with earnings of $32.5 million last year in 9th place. Shahrukh khan is in 18th place while Ranbir kapoor is at no.30.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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