Sunday, September 13, 2015

Business woman tortures her housemaid to Death

In a horrifying series of events, a Saudi business woman has been charged with and is on trial for brutally beating and starving her maid (whose identity has been withheld by authorities). The accused business woman is currently being held in Jeddah’s Braiman prison. The public prosecutor who is handling the case says he has demanded the death sentence for the business woman for her crimes. Inside sources in the Court claims that a death sentence is being considered for the accused lady.

The helper had reportedly been beaten up and had severe bruises and signs of abuse on her body. The helper was also massively under weight, about 30 kilograms, which is believed to be because of starvation by the business woman in question. The maid was transferred and admitted to a hospital where the doctors tried to save her life but were unsuccessful, her condition deteriorated and she passed away after a week of being admitted. The nationality of the maid was also withheld from the media due to investigative and security reasons. The business woman’s second maid has also testified against her employer that the deceased maid was beaten with a stick and starved which resulted in poor health and eventually her death.

The business woman (whose name has also been withheld) was the sponsor of the maid, has denied any responsibility in the death of her housemaid and attributed her injuries to a fall from the second floor down the stairs when she claims that the maid was trying to run away. The business woman also attributes the underweight condition of her maid to drugs use. She claimed that her maid was a major drug user in her home country and thus the weight loss is a symptom of drug withdrawal after moving to Saudi Arabia. The business women’s husband is also being accused for violation of human trafficking laws as the laws state that sponsors should provide medical treatment for their international workers if they require. The husband clearly failed to do that or to stop the abuse of the maid at the hands of his wife.

News like this reminds us of the horrors lurking in the dark corners of our society and how inept we are in dealing with them. The abuse of domestic works is a major problem not only in Saudi but all around the world. Four years ago there was a similar case where a man in his forties killed three house maids, that man was also arrested and swiftly brought to justice when he was executed about a year and a half ago.

In this case, also thanks to the quick actions of the authorities that the business woman was promptly arrested and put in jail until the pending trail. The outrage on social media has been overpowering after the news broke as both religion and society both teach us that we should treat people who work for us as our brothers. They should be respected and treated with kindness.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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