Saturday, September 12, 2015

Category: Saudi Heroes

Saudi Heroes
  1. Saudi Treated Bangali Workers with his lifetime Savings and Loans
  2. Saudi Donated SR 9 million for the mass marriage of 2,000 poor couples
  3. Prize of SR 500,000 for the Saudi who converted waste of Date Palm Trees into Coal
  4. Brave Saudi helped Police to catch the criminals who stabbed woman
  5. Saudi Citizen saved a lady by stopping the Car - Suspecting a Kidnap
  6. Who was AbduljaleelAlarbash?
  7. Who was Mohammed Al Isa?
  8. Saudi Boy who saved a little Child is rewarded with SR 1 million
  9. Female Security Guard who saved 7 from Fire – awarded with SR 50,000
  10. Saudi Man died Saving an American Child – Real Hero


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