Monday, September 7, 2015

Check Expiry of Health Insurance without Iqama number through CCHI

According to the current law of Saudi Arabia, every expatriate have to subscribe for health insurance to get Iqama. Iqama cannot be renewed if an expatriate does not have health insurance. It applies to both employees as well as their dependents. It is not a matter of only subscribing for health insurance but this insurance should be updated in the system of Ministry of Interior. If an expatriate does not have health insurance or his health insurance is not updated in the MOI system, Jawazat cannot issue his Iqama. We have already explained in a previous article the procedure to check expiry of health insurance through MOI. “Check Expiry of Health Insurance through MOI”. However, MOI requires Iqama number to provide information about the expiry of health insurance.

You can check the expiry of health insurance through MOI for an expatriate who already has Iqama. But what about those employees who don’t have Iqamas? In order to check if someone has subscribed for insurance or if his insurance is updated in the system without Iqama, you need to follow the procedure given below.

First of all you need to open website of “The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance” or CCHI and select English language there. You need to click on the “Business Owners” tab from the slides. A new page will open from where you will have to click on “Inquire about Insurance Information” tab given on the left hand side. As a shortcut, you can click on this link to reach to this point. new screen will appear in which you have to enter the required information. If Iqama has already been issued for an expatriate, you need to enter Iqama number in the field “Identity Number”. If Iqama is yet to be issued, you need to enter Border number in the respective field. Border number is written by the immigration officer by hand in Arabic on the first time entry page of the expatriate. It is a 10 digit code just like Iqama number. After entering Iqama number or Border number, enter the captcha code and click on “OK” button as shown in the below screenshot.

If expatriate has subscribed for the insurance, following message will appear on your computer screen.

If expatriate has not yet subscribed for insurance or insurance details are not updated in the system, following message will appear. Keep in mind; you can only apply for the first iqama when insurance details are updated in the system of The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance.

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