Thursday, September 24, 2015

Filipino Airhostess buried in Saudi Airlines Uniform as per her last Wish

As we get older with tine and subsequently enter our adult lives, we are suddenly hit with an extremely pressing issue of finding a source of income to support our needs and wants. Even though our parents are more than happy to keep you under their wing and give you a monthly allowance, however after a certain age, that just is not possible, as sooner or later you have to stand on your own two feet. Naturally we find employment at any level at that young age just to have an income. Sooner or later we progress into our mainstream professional lives and most of us stick to one industry or field and make it our playground.

There are those of us who see our job as just another task or errand which has to be done in the day, and these type of people do their best to just get it over with and done as they feel little to no attachment to their jobs or their workplace or colleagues. However there are also those amongst us, who make their offices their home and make their job as their true purpose in life. These types of people love going to work as they truly enjoy their duties, atmosphere and company of their colleagues. The job and the employee become one, which makes for highly efficient and motivated employees and any company or corporation would be lucky to have employees like these. Well one such case has come up in the Kingdom too where a airhostess who worked with an Airline was buried in such a way, that it paid great homage to her employers and her job, which she obviously loved.

The airhostess in question today was a Filipino airhostess who had worked in the Saudi Arabian Airlines and she has been buried in the flight uniform which she adored to wear. This unusual yet symbolic burial was conducted upon her last wishes before she finally succumbed to her illness. It is reported that the airhostess passed away from leukemia.

The Filipino airhostess, Joy Fernandez had requested to her family prior to her death that she be buried in her favorite Saudi Airline Uniform due to the fact that she actually loved her job working with the airlines. Abdul Rahman Al Fahd, the General Manager for the Public Relations, made a statement on his official account on the social media platform twitter in which he wrote “Good Bye Joy” as an ode to the airhostess who truly was a part of the Saudi Airlines family till the end.

He also added that Joy had passed away from leukemia which is a cancer caused in the blood cells. However prior to her passing she had made a final wish to her family in which she expressed her desire to be buried in her uniform, because that is how much she loved her job and the work that she did. This loyalty is indeed very impressive.

Source: Arab News

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