Sunday, September 20, 2015

Groom sued Bride and claimed $20,000 damages after she removed her makeup

They say you should marry someone who makes you laugh and not because of looks, because when all is said and done and many years have passed, the beauty will fade, but they will still be able to make you laugh. However with today’s impressive line of makeup products and brilliant methods of applying makeup on, can actually transform your face from its original state. This although is a norm everywhere, and not saying that there is anything wrong with applying makeup, it may sometimes mislead the other person as to the extent of beauty that they are imagining in a person.

Reports have emerged recently that a groom from Algeria has allegedly taken his newlywed wife to court just one day into their marriage, the reason why may surprise and shock most of you. The man has claimed that the woman did not look as good as she did before the marriage and has even accused her of cheating on him with so much makeup. The Algerian groom is currently seeking damages amounting to $20,000 and stated to the court in the capital city of Algiers that he was indeed shocked rather than surprised when he woke up the next morning only to find a completely looking different next to him, so much so that he did not even recognize her.

News sources from within the North African Arab country have stated that the groom spoke under oath in court that he had mistook his new wife to be a thief who had come to steal from his apartment. The groom also told the judge that he could not recognize his wife at all after she had washed up all of the makeup off of her face. The papers, quoting a source in the court, stated that the groom even stated that he had been deceived by his wife as she would fill her face with all sort of make up to make her look beautiful prior to the marriage.

The groom admitted that she did indeed look extremely attractive and beautiful before their marriage, however when he woke up and saw her after she had washed off all of the makeup he was truly terrified. The groom stated his wife was so unrecognizable that he had thought that she was a thief. The groom has also stated that the shock of seeing his wife has made him demand the $20,000 in damages for the psychological suffering that he had to go through.

While this is an extreme case of how shallow some men (and even women) can be, it should be remembered that marriage is a bond between two people for a lifetime and if you are to ridicule your newlywed bride of only 1 day in the court room and mock her for how her face looks, and even demand damages for it, then you deserve to be alone. It may seem unfair or harsh on my part to say that however one should marry the soul of another and not their body or face, as beauty fades.

Source: Emirates 247

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