Thursday, September 10, 2015

How Expatriates should spend their Eid in Saudi Arabia?

Eid is a festival of happiness for the Muslims all over the world. No one can deny the fact that Eid is not the same without the loving family and relatives. The spirit remains the same but cultures and way of celebrating Eid day around the world give a different experience. In KSA, Eid celebrations may be different according to the region but warmth, kindness and hospitality are the same in all celebrations.  Despite living away from their family, how the expatriates celebrate this important occasion? I asked this question to many people and not surprisingly got the same answers from everyone. Most of them answered that they spent the Eid holidays either resting at home or go to meet their fellow citizens. This was all about Eid for this huge section of people who live with us here and away from their loved ones.

Obviously, I am not expecting from our communities to arrange any exceptional functions or policies for the expatriates that they can celebrate the Eid according to their own customs and traditions. The governmental bodies are too busy in doing arrangements for the Eid so the local people could enjoy it. So we can trust our capitalistic system or the private sector in this matter for an answer. The tycoons of the Kingdom can spend money for the arrangements of such programs and services for the millions of expatriates in the country for the celebration of their festivals. The expatriate employees enjoy holidays on two eids so such whole plan and arrangements for their happiness and enjoyment will be extremely lucrative.

Why the creative minds of our businessmen have didn’t think about it? How could they miss such a money-spinning investment chance, as it is also a public-spirited thing? Every expatriate in this country like the Saudi citizens has equal right to enjoy the celebration of Eid according to their own customs as long as their customs do not contravene the laws and regulations of the Kingdom. These sorts of celebrations may also give everyone a chance to get familiar with values and civilization of other people.  We should appreciate the generous act of some of the expatriates who are making efforts by joining us in celebrations and share our happiness. Since last few years a number of expatriate traditional and folk bands have been participating in our celebrations by performing in live concerts. We should revive these groups by giving them a new life and also allot special places to them so that they can present more entertaining live shows.

We can go in these concerts to enjoy the dances and entertaining show of these folk artists. It is also an opportunity to connect with expatriates and share their happiness. As a result of these successful shows, they can bring more traditional bands, circus performers and gymnast from their home lands at very low costs. There could also be other way of celebrations, such as the fascinating and colorful firework show lights up the sky. This is a spectacular sight of different colors such as green and yellow, with the black sky. This entertaining scenery will catch one’s imagination and will entertain everyone, especially children.

This could be very money-making business if handled properly and planned. On the other hand, we should take it seriously, not to repeat the blunders happened in a recent comedy show in Riyadh. The businessmen can use this profitable opportunity by investing and organizing different events on Eids where these foreign folk artists and bands can perform. The door is open for them to gain profit. We should ask few questions to ourselves about our attitude to the expatriates during the just-ended Eid celebrations.

Did we greet them happily? Did we pass on good wishes to them or did we keep these greetings only for the Saudis? Don’t they have any right for pleasure and celebrations? Our sympathy is at the limit. Our moral values speak in our treatment of expatriates during festivals of Eid and other celebrations. This proposal whether accepted or rejected by the Saudis is the big test for them. A slight change in our behavior and our treatment with expatriates will single-handedly result a big change and make them live in an atmosphere of joy and patience.

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