Thursday, September 3, 2015

How Facebook saves your thousands of Riyals?

In my personal opinion I think that Mark Zuckerberg, who you all know (I hope so), is the founder of Facebook, the social networking site which connects millions and millions of people from every corner of the earth, should very well be awarded with some kind of award. Before the luxury of Facebook had been invented by Mark, those who wanted to meet their relatives or friends, then you would have to get dressed, take out time from your daily lives, get in the vehicle or other form of transportation, travel and spend time on the roads and then finally you meet your relatives or friends.

Hence if you or anyone you know wanted to meet another person, as most of the people do want to meet other people, it was brought upon to our government to provide us with roads and modes of transportation so that they can drive on those roads or even railways and airports. And although the Government of Saudi Arabia does an excellent job in terms of infrastructure, general upkeep and other aspects as well, one must think about how much money could have been saved if Facebook had been invented earlier.

When Facebook was founded we essentially found our friends right in front of our screen, and although other social networking sites such as Orkut or hi5 existed prior to the launch of Facebook, the attention that Facebook gained turned it into a corporation, something no other social networking site could imagine. Facebook went from being ‘just a social networking site’ on the internet to being an essential, almost vital in our everyday lives. So, what my comical gesture of Gratitude towards the blessing that is Facebook means is that today, the users of Facebook, (notice how I didn’t say this generation, because every generation is using Facebook nowadays, believe it, my grandfathers on there too) do not really need to make proper plans to meet friends or relatives other than those who they meet on a daily basis. They can simply now log in to their Facebook account, search for the friend or relative that they would like to chat to and voila it’s done.

Other services such as Skype is also one of the great ways you can interact with friends and relatives who are away from you, however that, to me, seems a bit too personal for the distant relative or the friend you haven’t met since high school. Facebook provides just the right balance and thus allows you to chat up someone who you might not have talked to in a year or maybe even more than that.

Essentially we have one more thing to thank Facebook for, for keeping us in touch with every one of our friends and acquaintances who we have lost touch with, over the passage of time. Hence I rest my argument that this Social Networking site deserves some kind of award by governments of all countries.

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