Sunday, September 6, 2015

How expatriates spend Eid in Saudi Arabia away from Families?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to one of the largest expatriate workforce population on earth. The expatriate workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be about one third or 33 percent of the total population of Saudi Arabia. These expatriates belong to countries from all over the world, from eastern and Asian countries, to the European and other western countries. Talking about the Muslim expatriates working in the Kingdom, it is common knowledge that most of them working in blue collar jobs either cannot afford to travel back home or cannot travel back home due to work constraints, during Eid holidays. Most of these expatriates, who are separated by their families and loved ones by many thousands of kilometers, naturally obtain a feeling of home sickness or nostalgia during these festive days and the celebrations back home.

The Al Riyadh daily reported on how these expatriates, who were away from their home towns and their family and friends, were celebrating the Eid Holidays in the Kingdom. As soon as the official dates for Eid and the Holidays are announced all over the world, especially in the Kingdom, as many countries go in par with the dates in Saudi Arabia for Eid, people contact their wives, parents, children or other family members to congratulate them and exchange greetings, but most importantly to hear their voices and lessen the nostalgia. Once these expatriates are done with greeting their friends and family back home, they usually head out to meet their friends or colleagues who are employed in the same city in the Kingdom as they are.

One such expatriate, Ahmad Abdulati, who is an Egyptian living and working in the Kingdom, has stated that he calls his family members and parents on every Eid that he spends away from them, and congratulates them on this auspicious and joyous festival. This is something which has been made extremely affordable and easy by the development in internet and technology.  The internet is how many of the expatriates keep in regular contact with their families back home, something which expatriates prior to the time of internet communication were not able to do.

Ahmad Abdulati stated that he would not know what to do if it had not been for the internet which has helped him fight of nostalgia for many years. He added that the internet has helped many expatriates like him in lessening the impact of the inevitable homesickness and nostalgia which each and every expatriate faces at least once in their stay in the Kingdom. Ahmad Abdulati stated that he feels extremely happy when he is able to talk to his parents and other family members on Eid day.

Ahmad confirmed our earlier statement when he stated that he like most of his other friends and colleagues, away from family in the Kingdom, all head out and enjoys numerous festivals and celebrations which are organized in several cities across the Kingdom.

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