Sunday, September 27, 2015

How WhatsApp is used for Illegal Businesses in Saudi Arabia?

For more than half a century now, many of the modern inventions we use are being used in two different ways negative and positive. This means that even if the purpose behind the invention was to provide a noble service or an important one, it can also be used by other people for negative or harmful purposes. A common application which is known to all of us as Whatsapp has become an integral part of our daily lives and our daily routines. It is a platform which is available for free so that it may help bring people with similar interests including friends and family closer. Naturally it is good to encourage communication with others and also to maintain a good level of human relations. It is also one of the best ways of obtaining any information that you want without even meeting the person.

Subsequently, the Whatsapp Application is also used to spread around farce and rumors. This causes the rumors to spread at an alarmingly fast rate and there is now actual chance of having the information in the rumor verified. This is indeed a shameful matter which can greatly harm those who are affected by it. Whatsapp may also be used to backbite on other or to create hatred and even enmity between people. Those expatriates who are involved in the businesses which are being run illegally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia frequently use this same application in order to stay connected with each other as well as being coordinated about their operations. The application is used to exchange any information about any of the municipality teams which may be inspecting the area.

As soon as an inspector of officer of the municipality stands in any one of the shops, a message of warning is sent out to all of the other shops in the area. This warning message is aimed towards alerting the other shop keepers about the inspection and to give them enough time to close down their shops and keep an eye from a distance right until they receive another text message which informs them that the inspection team is leaving.

There is no doubt to the fact that this act is in fact a cyber crime which is punishable by law. However these crimes that are directly harming the state are different to those cases which involve defamation and blackmail. The sudden surge in technology has taken mankind by surprise even though we are the ones which have developed it. Various social media platforms have allowed us to communicate and interact with friends, family and others easily and on a continuous basis. Simultaneously it has also entangled us in many cases that we may not know are illegal or punishable by law.

As is the norm, the awareness campaigns being held do not properly convey the message as it should be conveyed and enough stress on the dangers and sensitivity of such applications and platforms is not done.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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