Monday, September 28, 2015

Indian Volunteer who lost his life saving Hajis in Hajj Stampede

The Mina tragedy which occurred in Saudi Arabia this year during the annual Hajj Pilgrimage is indeed a very sad and tragic event. The tragedy occurred when a stampede occurred during the annual pilgrimage which resulted in many pilgrims losing their lives. Saudi Authorities responded to the situation immediately and several volunteers as well as authorities helped out the alive, injured and dead pilgrims who had been affected by the incident which occurred on Thursday.

An expatriate Indian engineer has also been reported to have died in the stampede on Thursday in Mina. Reports state that the Indian expatriate Niyazul Haq Mansoori, who hailed from Jharkand in Northern India, lost his life while saving the pilgrims affected in the Mina stampede. The Indian expatriate had made his way from Yanbu, and had joined a team of 950 volunteers of the IFF or India Fraternity Forum. It is also reported that Mansoori’s parents have also been missing since the tragedy occurred and his sister who had accompanied their parents from Hajj has escaped miraculously.

Mansoori had been employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a mechanical engineer in a private company in Yanbu. Mansoori has left behind his wife along with his 3 daughters. Other IFF Volunteers helped identify the body of Mansoori who had donned the Identification card and vest of the IFF, while they were helping other security personnel in moving the dead bodies from the scene of the stampede. The volunteers were also helping to get the injured pilgrims of the Mina incident to hospitals. The statement was made by Abdul Ghani, the head of IFF’s Hajj Operation service.

Mansoori had joined up with the team on the same day at 2 a.m. and had been serving pilgrims on 204 street, which is exactly where the Mina stampede tragedy took place. Pilgrims were present there in huge numbers who were either returning from or going to the Jamarat to perform the ritual for stoning the devil. This resulted in the severe overcrowding which subsequently turned into a stampede. Head of IFF Hajj Service stated that the body of Mansoori had been shifted to the mortuary where the necessary burial formalities in Makkah were being handled by the member of IFF along with Mansoori’s younger brother who made his way from Yanbu.

A search has been started to find the parents of Mansoori who are missing since the day of the incident. The parents had been accompanied by their daughter, who is currently safe. Another IFF volunteer Jasfar Muzhappilangad was also one of the IFF volunteers who had been a part of the rescue and relief operations which began exactly after the stampede. The Saudi security forces had allowed the IFF volunteers who were present in uniform to assist them in the rescue operation. This resulted in the IFF volunteers shifting several injured to safety while also moving the dead bodies. The immediate rescue operation by the Saudi authorities helped contain the incident and save several of the injured pilgrims escape the stampede. The water tankers were also sprayed immediately to help cool off the pilgrims in the scorching heat.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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