Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inglot O2M: The Halal Nail Polish in the Saudi Market

The highly anticipated breathable nail polish by Inglot has hit the stores in the Kingdom. Many Muslim women ranging from all age groups have waited anxiously in order to wear the nail polish at all times. For those who are not aware of the conditions of ablution for Muslim people, they should read on below. People of Muslim faith are to pray five times during the day. A pre requisite to praying is that one must perform ablution or wudu. In order to properly perform your ablution, clean water must touch every part of the body which is to be washed in the procedure of ablution. This also includes the nails. Any regular nail polish from any cosmetic brand does not allow water to touch the nails; hence a majority of Muslim women do not apply nail polish regularly.

Recently a few companies have emerged claiming that they have discovered what is considered to be the Holy Grail of Make up for Muslim women (I thought it was water proof makeup) which is the breathable nail polish which allows water to touch the nails. A Polish Company by the name of Inglot is one of these companies who have targeted the Muslim women and have started selling a variety of Halal products at the Mall of Arabia starting from SAR 65. One should beware though as even though the colors are all nice, vibrant and gorgeous, no verdict has come out yet whether these nail polishes are truly halal and actually allow water to touch the nails.

Some of the customers have tried and tested the products and have derived mixed reviews. Oh So Peachy Blogger Easmin Miah has voted against the product. Hence it is recommended for everyone to try out the product and come to your own conclusion. A variety of information is available about the product on the internet. Basic testing showed that the nail polish did indeed allow water to touch the base on which nail polish had been applied on. However Nilo Haq, who was the Editor In Chief of the Jeddah Beauty Blog and also the founder of IGlow, has stated that she is not sure about the breathable nail polish by Inglot.

She added that she would not take any risk with her prayers and if she is not 100 percent sure that the nails polish will not affect her prayers. She added that people have had mixed reviews when they experimented with the nail polish, and since she was not completely convinced and hence would not be wearing the nail polish during ablution or prayers.

A Blog reader from Jeddah, Bushra Masood stated the she loved the new breathable nail polish by Inglot. She added that the new nail polish does not come off easily, however she has heard that the nail polish might not be breathable at all. Tuesday in Love, another brand which is catching the attention of a lot of people is also being preferred by the people. No word yet about the products being available in Jeddah.

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