Monday, September 14, 2015

King Salman Orders Special Vehicles for Hajis injured in Makkah Incident

The entirety of the Muslim world went into shock as they saw the images and the videos which showed the incident which occurred in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the aftermath that has since been caused by the incident. Yes, I am talking about the crane which fell into the Haram which resulted in the deaths of many pilgrims who were in the Grand Mosque to perform pilgrimage and worship to Allah.  The whole world saw the event as it was captured by several pilgrims and people who were passing by, which showed the humongous crane bend and fall into the crowd which resulted in the death of 107 people.

The video, which soon went viral and appeared on every news channel around the world, also showed the heavy rain and strong winds which accompanied the rain, which almost made it impossible for the locals and for the foreigners to walk around outside.  A huge sandstorm was also reported in the city prior to the incident of the crane. People have been blaming or citing various reasons as to why and how the crane actually fell, however none of them have given any attention or focus to those who were injured, either slightly or heavily in the incident. These people, most of whom were foreigners who had come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage didn’t die, however they are not able to complete their pilgrimage due to their injured state.

King Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia visited the site of the incident and also the hospitals where some of the injured persons had been shifted to for treatment. King Salman launched a formal enquiry as to how and why the crane fell and caused the deaths of 107 pilgrims. However King Salman also did something which is receiving little attention. Realizing the fact that the injured pilgrims can still complete their pilgrimage, albeit with a little assistance and help from the authorities, King Salman has arranged for these injured pilgrims to be facilitated in order for them to complete their pilgrimage.

King Salman, the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has issued a directive in which he has ordered that all of those pilgrims who were injured in the crane incident will be provided with special vehicles, which will serve the purpose of enabling them to complete their pilgrimage. Dr. Hamad Al Dhuwailea, the deputy health minister stated this while visiting the injured pilgrims at hospitals in Makkah. He also stated that the King has laid great stress that these special vehicles from the Health Affairs directorate should be equipped completely with state of the art equipment as well as a properly trained medical team.

Honestly, the wisdom the King has shown in this incident could have not been shown by another. These special vehicles which have been directed by the King will ensure that these pilgrims get a chance to complete their pilgrimage.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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