Saturday, September 5, 2015

Misyar Marriage costs SR 5,000 through Misyar Marriage Brokers

It is really confusing to me how one owner of a real estate office located in Makkah also manages to work as both an estate agent and arranges misyar marriages simultaneously. It seems as if the man’s estate agency is magically transformed into a misyar marriage bureau in the blink of an eye. What is even more surprising or rather shocking is that the man has even drafted up an application form for those people that he arranges Misyar marriages for. In just SAR 100 the prospective partners of Misyar marriage may fill in the form. When both partners are found to be compatible and the two are finally set to meet, the prospective groom must then pay up SAR 5,000 as a fee.

In the cases where both Bride and Groom agree to marry, the supposed Misyar marriage agent received a fee of up to SAR 5000. This might be so because as a community, we love to imitate. I am almost certain of the fact that many other real estate agents will soon start their own Misyar Marriage bureau and use their Estate agencies as part time Misyar marriage offices. Just like when the first fast food joint opened up in Jeddah and soon many copies created by copy cats opened up on every street corner in Jeddah, similarly I think that there might even be possibility of a Misyar marriage bureau chain to be launched soon. 

It may also be such that all real estate agents may merge with other Misyar marriage bureaus. If this happens I do not know how long it will take for marriage contracts to become similar to property papers or rent agreements. It is estimated, that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are about 1.5 million people who are spinsters. It is obviously certain that many out of those 1.5 million people may be considering Misyar marriage as one option through which they can fulfill their needs.

Hence it makes sense that the Misyar Marriage bureau / Real Estate business may be highly profitable. This could very well become one of the leading business trends in the Kingdom which would become equal to the purchase and sale of extremely high value properties.

Somewhere inside, I really hoped that no Saudi girl would ever have to go inside a real estate office or agency, just to fill out an application which would cost them SAR 100 so that they could find a suitable suitor for them. Although some people might find my words a little harsh, but put yourself in the shoes of a girl who wants to get marries yet has to awkwardly sit in a real estate office and ask them to look for a suitor.

Instead it would have been much better if instead the Misyar Marriages were taken up on a community basis which would operate through charitable organizations through the community, for the community. In this way people could donate to these charitable community organizations instead of paying up heavy fees to Real estate Agents acting as Misyar Marriage facilitators.
Source: Arab News

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