Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Muqeem Cards (new Iqamas) to be delivered through Postal Service

Those who have had the good fortune of residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or have worked there in some part of their lives, know how particular the Saudi authorities are about the residential status of not only the expatriates and any other foreigners that may be working in the Kingdom, but also local Saudi residents, whose families have been staying in the Kingdom since generations. Since people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to keep their passport affairs in order more particularly than most other countries around the world, the passport department is an every busy office in Saudi Arabia. Busy offices usually mean that people have to wait, sometimes for long instances, to get their work done, whether it is a small work or something big.

However the people of and the people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need not worry anymore since the Passport department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed and added a new feature which will put at ease the lives of many expats and Saudis alike. It has been recently announced that the Passport Department has launched a new service which is a postal parcel service which has been aimed to deliver Iqamas or Residence permits and any other documentation directly to the beneficiaries. The new service by the Passport department will be continued through the Muqeem E Portal with the help of the Elm Company. The Passport department has stated that this advancement will allow the department to extend their list of available services through the e portal. The list includes service transfers, issuance of profession change and now the postal parcel service.

Additionally the Passport Department also stated that their e portal will also allow the department to become linked with other registered firms and companies electronically, which will benefit them by simplification of the process of cancellation and issuing of the exit – reentry visas, renewal of residence permits for the expatriates in the Kingdom and also the final exit visa.

The Muqeem E portal has already performed up to six million various tasks and operations since it was first implemented, and it is recorded that more than 4.5 million residents within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have already benefited from this by utilizing the easy and convenient services.
Earlier the Saudi Post had announced that they were also gearing up and doing extensive preparations to deliver the documents which have been issued by the Passport department promptly and accurately.

Services such as these are not only of extreme convenience to the common man, but have also become a sort of a necessity in this modern day and age when everything seems to be connected through the internet. Many departments around the world offer online services, which essentially simplifies the entire process or several processes and removes the dreaded piles of paperwork to quite an extent, so that every person can easily get their affairs in order.

Source: Arab News

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