Monday, September 7, 2015

Philanthropy is not only about Building Masjids

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known for all of the philanthropists and various charitable individuals or organizations which have come up in the Kingdom. It is estimated that a major chunk of the charity based work done in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on the digging of wells, building of mosques and taking care of orphans. There are however a large number of social activists, philanthropists and charitable individuals or organizations who are adamant on the fact that the charitable resources available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be focused towards the building of Hospitals and schools as well. The eradication of illiteracy from the country and helping poor or needy people pay off their medical bills is as great a cause as the digging of wells and building of mosques, of which there is no shortage in the Kingdom.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Haijan, who is a member of the Shoura Council’s committee on the management of human resources, has called upon the various charitable individuals and organizations in the Kingdom to focus their resources on the more pressing and vital issues which are faced in society such as education, unemployment and healthcare. He stated that the people of Saudi Arabia should focus their resources on the development of human beings. In today’s modern times, technology is extremely crucial and thus additional resources and money should be spent in its development. The charitable minded people should be coming forward and sponsoring talented children so that they achieve greatness and thus bring about a positive change in the Saudi society.

An expert on charity work, Dr. Ibrahim Al Haidari believes that the charitable sector in the Kingdom are still following the more primitive or traditional route of charity by simply giving away their money. Philanthropists should be thinking out of the box and into new directions, while also using their money for finding new creative solutions to the crucial issues faced by the people today.

Al Haidari added that we as a people should be meeting any monetary needs of the poor people in the same society that we live in; however there are also other pressing issues which we must address. Most of the charitable organizations in the Kingdom focus their resources only on the poor and needy. Nephrology professor at the King AbdulAziz University, Dr. Saad Al Shaheeb has put healthcare on the highest priority of charity work.

Anybody who has feeling for the suffering of the patients with chronic diseases, and those who cannot afford the required medical treatment will also realize that these patients are in extreme need of as much help as they can get. The charitable organizations in addition to the private sector should be working hand in hand to aid the government in eradicating the suffering of patients. An expert on volunteering work, Adeeb Al Mehaideef has praised the various charitable organizations for the work they have done for crucial issues such as education, technology as well as healthcare.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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