Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pope calls Christian Families to take in 1 Syrian family – where are Muslim scholars?

It seems that the picture of Aylan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy, who unfortunately drowned after fleeing the ruins of what used to be his home town, has awoken a sense of compassion in us as human beings, regardless of our religion, creed or caste. I doubt there is anyone whose heart did not wrench after viewing the picture of young Aylan washed up on shore. The entire issue has gone viral and Aylans untimely demise has shined light on an issue which was otherwise out of the general public’s eye.  The issue had been raised so much that help is pouring in from everywhere for these helpless people who have lost their possessions, their families, their lives as they knew it, however there are also still some countries that are quiet up to date.

The Pope, Pope Francis, has called upon every Catholic family or Catholic Parish inside Europe to allow one refugee family into their homes. He added that the two Parishes of the Vatican will be leading by example in this case. The Pope called for a concrete gesture, prior t a Jubilee Year of Mercy which is to start in December. The Pope has also urged every sanctuary, every monastery, every religious community and every parish to allow one refugee family into their homes. The Pope stated that the tragedy that is faced today, of the many asylum seekers who are fleeing their homes to save their lives due to the hunger and the war, are indeed looking for hope and a new start to whatever life they had left.

He added that the gospel has called upon all the believers to be neighbors to the abandoned or the smallest in order to give them hope. He stated this while giving the Angelus Blessing in the Saint Peter’s Square. This is truly an act of selflessness and charity regardless of religion, and the Pope deserves admiration and praise for his words of kindness and wisdom from not only Christians or Muslims but from humans from all around the world who hold compassion in their hearts.

However one cannot help but wonder that the Pope, the religious leader and center point for all Christians, felt the need to speak in support for the people of Syria who are predominantly Muslim. Even though there is nothing wrong with Christians and Muslims working and speaking in favor of one other, we cannot help but wonder why any such actions or even words were not uttered by the so called “Muslim World”.

All over the place many Muslim scholars and leaders can be found preaching Islam, according to the different sects however none of them felt the need to speak out for these Muslim brothers and sisters. Additionally no such act or words have come out the Muslim countries across the world. Although there are some Muslim countries that have accepted refugees inside their country despite having their own problems, there are also those flourishing and thriving countries which have to date said or done nothing for these people.

Source: Arab News

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